BBI Anticlimax.

Yesterday I actually thought Raila was finished!

Kidogo kidogo Murkomen said the BBI is okay…

Ruto even went to receive it. Then today he sat through some seriously humiliating extravaganza. I don’t understand the fellow. Maybe he is smart,maybe he isn’t.

The normal thing to do in such an event is avoid it entirely… or walk out if indeed you chose to attend it. At one end Ruto looks like the gel that holds Jubilee together. A party lead by this Prince who was talking as if he lives in an imaginary world. Ruto cut the figure of this hustler who simply tolerates while waiting for the bigger rewards. The good Deputy.

On the other hand he looked like this desperate guy hanging on to the Prince’s coat tails afraid of going his own way. As if he believes the Prince is the actual kingmaker and not us the Kenyan voters.

When Raila,was disowned by Kibaki concerning the MOU he walked out! Huyu anangoja nini!!!

And Ruto doesn’t seem to have very strong soldiers. Someone who could’ve defended him staunchly… wachana na Murkomen.

The BBI was supposed to vindicate him but now it has become an arrow pointed directly at him. Maybe he has a plan, who knows. Hii situation ni tricky kwake. :smiley:

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Wacha kujiongelesha

we don’t take drunkards and senile old men seriously

Murkomeno sounded like the kid mwenye anapiga thugs teke while the mother anamvuruta wahepe. He was Ruto’s mouth piece but kilieleweka. Alivutwa kando na kuambiwa mehemehe mingi awachane. BBI is complex but for now lets sit back, relax, and watch how it unravels. I never vote and never will. It’s a f’edup country mbona nijiwaste


As it is, The BBI favors Ruto more, but let’s wait and see what the final draft will look like.

Instead of sitting back and watch why don’t you read the BBI report

That would be a very foolish mistake. For one, Ruto doesn’t have half of Raila’s clout or even a quarter of Uhuru’s charisma.

And that was evident today. If you look at how Raila stays relevant even without trying too hard unadhani hio ni mchezo for a politician?

This guy left akina Kalonzo and now they have followed him to his new house. They can’t do without him.

Hadi Uhuru akamwuita “baba”. :smiley:

On the other side Uhuru amezima tanga tanga in one afternoon with one speech. But like krypter has said wacha tuone how it unravels.

Today I also learnt that Uhuru actually knows the problems that people go through. He is very aware of the problems in Nairobi. Kuzitatua ndio hajui saaana.

Where is the whole booklet of 100 plus pages?

Only psychopaths, philistines, and imps take bilious Bill seriously.

Uhuru’s Charisma, you’re joking right?

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I questioned this before. Why cant he walk away. The simple answer is , its too early. For many reasons. One, he needs government resources to fuel his activities in politics. He walks away now spiting Uhuru, Uhuru will simply use government funds to fund the next candidate. And that may be Raila. Two, his popularity now is exemplified by a two tribe alliance. And they are at the helm. Walk away now into a political doldrum will be tatamount to giving away 2022. Kalenjins will folllow him. Kyuks wont.

What charisma does uhuru have?

Walk away where? He is the elected deputy president, given mandate by kenyans. He is not a deputy president at Uhuru’s pleasure. Why should he walk away?

He cant walk even if he wanted.

Siasa ilibadilika. Sasa hivi hatuondoki. Ni uhuru ahamie ODM. Hatuezi acha kiti yetu juu ya Raila ama Uhuru. Kama uhuru ana shida na sisi ni yye atahama

Hapa umejiangusha, kumbe analysis zako ni ya kubahatisha tu

Resolving what to do and doing what you resolve. Ati you said you have Uhuru by the balls? Did you see Murkomen crying wolf and being heckled back to his seat.
And Junet telling Jubilee off, Uhuru bursting out laughing with Ruto looking serious and extremely uncomfortable.

Tabia za ODM, they think being a mc is owning kenya. Junet ako na tabia za kibera. Kalenjins don’t entertain dishonesty, or unfairness.