bbc wamekula rushwa



Hawa vitambi ndio private investigators?? :D:D:D

:D:D:Dhuyo ni sweep na 2 hot slaps… atasahau tae kwondo

Seutafrikens and Ogas will troll us the whole of February. KOT wavae helmets

BBC has to come up with a very good explanation why they disabled comments in that fraudulent video.

wamekula rushwa bana

BBC is fake news

Ninawaambianga cnn na bbc ni watu fake sana. Sasa huyo momo hata kurusha teke ni shida ndio taekwondo master. Niko sure wanapromote hii fake news kufurahisha feminazis vile wamepata strong woman. :D:D:D

Ikikuja kupata food kiosks zimejificha mtaani:D:D

Damn hadi nappy seal amechange font…sii hii ndo mali mnapenda ya section ya safisha macho

Mtawekelewo nyahunyo mkichukua food mtii

saw this earlier today Lakini hapo kuita dogy Hitler hao 10vitambis hawataweza nazis:D

Huyu Momo apana

Na that overweight nigga claiming that their training is harsher than navy seals?

Jesus Christ on faking bike. Did she just topple while trying to kick then try to get up and fall back again:D:D. A private investigator that turns like a dumper truck, BBC must have made this to poke fun at Kenyans

BBC is the worst way worse than CNN. Anytime I see a news story about Kenya/Africa on BBC it’s usually man-bite-dog bullshit.
Yaani producer who is over 12 years old saw this shit and let it air ?

Just read the replies on the tweet. Utacheka uanguke


This Jane figure is infamous for paying tabloids to air her shit. While I am sure BBC is too big an house to be afforded by that Jane, am certain the reporter received the brown envelope and forced the producer to air the crap under some feminist tag or bullshit, producers fear being labelled misogynists, assuming the producer is a man. Okuyus mnaangusha Kenya mbaya sana. Izi aibu gani sasa jameni. Here is one of her paid tabloids. I mean who in his right mind will call this land whale curvaceous?? Oku

Wasee wametandikwa mijeledi ju ya mchele. Na kama ingekuwa nyama.