Bavon or Liddos

I would like to explore either of those. I prefer a place where i can watch live action on VIP section tonight.

Any reviews about the above strip clubs?
Which one should i choose ?

I will buy a beer for you tonight


Enda vip ya bavon you’ll enjoy don’t be in a rush to entertain strippers

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Enda Bavon na ulete reviews.

Bavon. Liddos ilichapa


Was there last week and I can say it’s true iko down kiasi. Woria ndio wateja wengi huko.


Hizo strip clubs madem wamekonda sana. Hawani matako mifupa tupu don’t dare

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Naona mfuko imejaa muindi kwisha fanya ile kitu


Bado wanalipisha 1k?

Ulikuwa liddos or Bavon?

Kindly share experience please? Should i visit tonight or tomorrow?

Instead ya kulipa 1k entrance . Enda calabash upige shot 3 na ubaki na change ya jaba na keg


Yes & it’s value for your money

Some of us don’t fuck daily. Sometimes you just need to be in a sexy place without having sex

Find money and you will realise that strip clubs are better than brothels

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Go to those ones outside downtown. There is one in kileleshwa strictly members only but iko level yake. New strippers every Wednesday and they cap age at 25 years. They also claim to test them for HiV. Entrance ni 3k, kukula stripper hapo kwa floor ni 5, kwa private rooms ni 8k.


Inaitwa aje, and how to become a member?

Iko side gani kille?

Amboseli lane pia si mbaya to hang out and chill

Lounge 207

Tuwache umaraya


Nilido dame fulani mUG lightskin amebeba serious 207 hi base.

When? I was there last month i ddnt spot her