BATTLEFIELD 5 - Full Opening Intro

Last battlefield game i played was battlefield 4, upgrading my potato pc soon am tired of watching and salivating to recorded game-plays on you-tube

Bad company 2 (except the snow mission), 3 and 4 are awesome. Then they went in different directions instead of taking the war to the steppes of Europe. Even a proxy war in North Africa could have worked wonders. I find WW1 and 2 and are overused themes.

The irony of life…those that have time to play games don’t have the hardware to do it and those that have the hardware have hardly the time

There is a new game world war 3 by the farm 51 set in modern times in Europe released a few months ago inakaa poa but it is purely a multiplayer game there are also rumors the the next COD release in 2019 will be set in modern times


Nakumbuka you built a nice and expensive rig, you rarely play ?

Battlefield 4 is followed by battlefield 1 then battlefield 5, crazy arrangement but great game.

rarely nimekua very busy this year labda nikiwa leave jan or feb

prepared hiyo si play below 1080p

Ah man!! Na ndio vile inakaa kali halafu wanaweka multiplayer only. Ni sawa tu.

Wacha tungoje hiyo COD. Black Ops 3 nilicheza tu juu sikuwa na otherwise. Upus ya robots ilinibore.

EA ile bangi huvuta…they could have just been confident with the product…and stop this shifty shit cause of br mode…fuck it will play it next year rdr2 multiplayer…for honor(yes i am in love …they gave it for free)…dec niko sorted gamewise sad though…sina fps game from ea or activision to play during xmas break…