Bastille day attack

More than 70 people killed in Nice, France after a truck ploughed through crowds celebrating the french national holiday

Nakama kawa with Western media gory images hakuna

Here is the truck gearing up.

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Will the US and Brexit issue travel advisories?

hehehe no France is still in a state of emergency since the last attacks but no travel advisories yet.

more than 80 confirmed dead…
More the reason for BREXIT and why many European countries are against Merkel’s open immigration policy towards Syrians’. The UK main beef with the union is that they wanted to restore control on whom can emigrate to their country so that this is not decided by EU where Germany seems to be bulldozing and imposing Merkel’s opinion

what about the two shootings in us where we saw the black victims killed live on camera

The driver got off the truck at some point and open fired at Innocent civilians. What is the world coming to?

Halafu kuna conspiracy theorists kwa hii kijiji wanasema US is the reason 4 these nonsense. Blame everyone but the religion that’s responsible.


Those images were first uploaded by relatives on social media

When it comes to mass murder it is nothing new really.

That’s a horrific attack. These terrorists are animals, no feelings whatsoever.

The media makes you believe that Westerners are the victims. Look back at history and you will discover that they are responsible for millions of deaths.

Just like THE AFRICAN is responsible for millions of deaths of FELLOW BLACK AFRICAN.
I prefer the robber who dont rob his own village but goes faraway to execute his missions.

Any death of an innocent person always breaks my heart regardless of their race or religion. Terrorism affects all of us. You should remember what happened in Kapenguria, Garissa, Westgate, Mpeketoni, etc.

There is no other way to bill the society other than through the people currency. We lose 10 innocent people to traffic accidents every day. That is the price we pay as a society for not doing something right.

I rest my case

If it was a loaded semi trailer this would have been another case. This is just sad.