Base Feeling

I always wake up sad …and mostly i am up after some black unsweetened coffee

…and sometimes during the day my moods slump

…i have more low moments than highs …mostly, i have nothing causative that i can point to

…tired of this shit.

Sign up gym. Walk for one hour every day kwa treadmill. Weka incline ya 8% to start. Stop taking those drugs/chieth/amphetamine s. Thank me after 3 months.

Nothing new here. Everyone knows you are a hormonal moody bitch

alshababchieth keep these nonsense to urself or better , kill yourself. umbwa

its time you wear a suicide vest and blow up you fellow disgusting micooshite at mogadisho

Vile @Quanstrom amesema and to top it off,find a new hobby.

Do something you have always wanted to do but kept off due to one excuse or another.

This might sound like cliche. But have goals and ambitions that are way bigger than you. Something that if accomplished will go ahead to make someone’s life better. That way you’ll wake up every morning na psych, with something to look forward to. Planning your day the previous day helps too.

Injustices of the world…when a harlot like U slander the fool who is Wenger

Just ejaculate inside a warm slithery coomer and all these melancholies will fade away.

True meaning of kukamua nyoka

You are suffering from Depression.

The results of being a sadist who spews hate everywhere he goes.


It’s not my fault the coomer you were served last night was smelly. You win some, you lose some. Meffi

It’s are not were …Mr prostitute, mkundu ni ngapi bei ya asubuhi?

suicide is always an option

You are the problem, unashinda ukitusi watu hapa unapewa masweep the whole day your straight A akili inalala processing the sweeps.

Kama unataka kujibiwa anza thread yako. Wacha kukojolea thread ya wenyewe. Hopefully pia grammar utakuwa ume polish.

Wank some more till you drop

Perhaps naming yourself ‘scrotum’ isn’t in your best interest…