Baruhya celeb acquires shiney eye yerrow terrows

Met a couple of them that could give sisters from the lake serious competition. One is from Nyeri

kuna coasterians pia

Pretty faces with fat round asses, nice thick legs, small waists, good tits, a smile to die for & sharp wits abound in kyukland (save Nyeri, lakini Mathíra ni wengi).

Shida ni tabia & character.

Wí itina, gítii gíkí. Úcambia rúrii rwanyu. Tabia iko sawa sema wewe ndio beta male you can’t hold down a lady:D

Okuyu bitches wengi wanakuwanga na sura nzuri.

I’ve never been there but am sure those in nyeri are hybrids…hapo kuna DNA ya lake region…am used to seeing hawa wako Nairobi…rangi iko but nyuma ni sida tu…umaskini tupu.

Sioni shida hapo kwa mulamwa na Sonnie except cultural clashes. One is from a patriarchal setup and the other from a matriarchal one.

Kenyans really misuse and misplace the word celeb.

Who are those?

He is my alternate handle

Big assed Kyuks are from Muranga

Majority of Luo and Luhya girls wako na Sura ngumu kama @Sokwe mtu

Shut the fuck up

Sasa huko ndio nilijishindia kitu swafi nyeupe…

You are lucky. They are so submissive

…and good in almost all aspects.

They easily get wifed. Not like the heady masculine jerks from Nyeri or the materialistic kungurus from Kafete.

Unachukua yeye mapema kabla ajue jiji…:D:D

Bana Kirinyaga women is where the honey is.
Shepu pia wanayo kabisa

Is this the matriarchal setup @Ken_Sarro is talking about.