Baruhya celeb acquires shiney eye yerrow terrows

Mbona hawa kina Uwesmakende wanapenda hizi mungikilets namna hii?

Chief Mbuta @dr.n ni nani kwako anakutetea sana. Anasema ati uko na networth same na Raila. Na wewe mwenyewe ulisema hapa the amount you can manage to save in half a year.

If you really have to impregnate an Okuyu at least find one with an ass. But alas!! They are as rare as a chicken’s teeth. Before somebody says Luos are ugly, kindly keep in mind that I can always cover the face or better yet attach the picture of Rihanna to a bitch 's face, a privilege that Okuyus cannot enjoy when it comes to asses. Ama kunakuanga na artificial asses readily available for attachment??? I innocently ask

good thing, from childhood as luhya, i was warned about abaseve and emikoe…and i have heeded these warnings religiously

A huge ass motivates ninjas to drill harder :Dpersonally I prefer stonefaced beautiful assed woman than a beautiful faced zero ass Lady

I was also warned about atwara.

I disagree, there are okuyus with a perfect behind…si Wengi but they are not from nyeri…

And there are also many pretty Luo and Luhya gfs. What’s your point??

Mulamwah atalia premium tears in the end. She will dump him again aende kulia shoshomedia

It’s a well known fact that 70% of kikuyu youth are biological luhyas

Had one yellow yellow girlfriend back in the days. She was from lake side kitu swafi Sana…

Atwara ndo gani hao :D:D Herders ?

Sawa oa Nakhumicha mwenye mapua kubwa na sura ngumu kama ya mwanaume na utulie :D:D

A juvenile mafwi tucker tucker thread

:D:D:D you gave birth to the thieving bastard’s.

Niko na kama mbili thika :D:D:D

70% :D:D:D Wewe kama unaishi Kibera sema. Uko ndio watu wanatombana bila akili. Hii statistics ulitoa wapi?

Slowly sit down with your mother for a son to mom talk someday

Okuyo bashing thread

Kuna kikuyu wana figure poa sana not all have flat behinds. I once said huyo munguch would never find someone better than that mluyha theres lots of competition out here