Baringo Senator Gideon Moi

The guy is taking over already…head of ICT in senate…this is houw 2022 elections will be rigged.

Assistant chief unasema nini ,link , comprehensive report…

Tafutia yeye gunia…

Boss, don’t overthink…Wachana na mambo ya 2022. All we want from the govt is service delivery. This petty politics ya GM, ooh 2022 is just boring!! FYI Ruto is not your kawaida push-over politician…the guy can hold his own…

gunia ni wewe…meffi

Ruto might be a strong guy but he always overlook the obvious

So now it’s the Senate that will conduct 2022 elections?

He better hack the ‘‘server’’ starting with MCA all the way to the top otherwise atakuwa hana mafans.Take this to KWFT and demand a loan from Uwes.

the main is the guy will infiltrate the process

2022 isn’t far…watch the space

Mharo news

tulisema ruto atajua hajui

By the way that’s true I heard Gideon Moi is a top Notch hacker

Who is the nasa flag bearer,?? Now that tunajua GM ndio candidate wa chupilee??

:D:D:D:D:D:D hio umbwa ya ku tweng hata kupata Senyetor ni baba yake aliingilia kati hata MCA bila MO1 hawes pata

You never disappoint in your choice of words …:):):):):slight_smile:

Was about to say something inappropriate about his fancy ass twang and my server…sips cold water

Niaje Florence/Flora

The clit was starting to get jumpy?

Lol! Sasa hio imetoka wapi?