Baringo quack doctor made my week

Jamaa aliji faintisha vile @pamba na wenzake wali pay a visit kwa clinic yake. Among other paraphernalia walipata makali kadhaa. Wapi @luther atupatie full story


ata me nilicheka hii story even though it is sad he treated people

alcohol is essential during operations


Rubbing alcohol,unadungwa shindano ya digda alafu unapakwa konyagi:D:D:D


Si alcohol Kama Konyagi na napoison it’s medical alcohol

Btw there is nothing like “Quack doctor”
You are either a Quack or a Doctor.
(Osungu.dll nimechukua vile @Makonika chieth saitan ali defect…)

A quack what?

Can one drink this medical alcohol?

yes but if you can handle the potency which might lead to shock from bleeding intestines and gut