Leo ni leo.

@123tokambio nilikuambia itawekwa asubuhi kabisaa

Niko nyuma ya msito wetu Giroud and company .

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

Chelsea wataumwa washangae, ile kelele hao fans [SIZE=5]99,354 [/SIZE]hupiga kwa hiyo stadium is deafening to any visiting team.

Camp Nou is the home stadium of FC Barcelona since its completion in 1957. With a seating capacity of 99,354, it is the largest stadium in Spain and Europe, and the second largest association football stadium in the world in capacity…[ATTACH=full]162305[/ATTACH]

Chelsea to proceed.
Unless referee akuwe kama Tom Overbo. The thief who denied Chelsea 4 penalties v Barcelona in 2009. The greatest robbery in football

chelsea wanaenda camp nou, apa labda waweke basi proper…ile ya double decker kwanza

Uefalona’s trophy cabinet would have 2 or 3 Champions League trophies less if they didn’t bribe referees

Barcelona team training



Go Blues

Uefalons lakini last year walijua hawajui. Walibuy ule refer wa ile game ya PSG lakini Juve iliwaonyesha wawe wapole.

Madridiots hua mnajifanya hua hamsaidiwi… The fact both Spanish teams are favoured abit… Don’t pretend hamkuona Vidal akipewa yellow ya pili over a less reckless challenge than yenye Casemiro alikua apewe pia… Don’t pretend hamkuona Offsides zikifungwa, don’t pretend hamkuona juzi Modric kakidive… Anyway Madridiots will do anything kujijustify… But hata this Arab Paris prezo Nasser Al-Khelaifi said it clearly “UEFA referees should stop favouring Spanish teams” he didn’t mention Barcelona or Real Madrid specifically…
He said “last year it was Barcelona, this year it is Real Madrid this should stop!!”…
Na hope hamjasahau Ramos akiact huko Cardiff Cuadrado akapewa red card…
Stupid clueless Madridiots!!!

Barcelonale ale! ale! ale!

I hate you!

Ahahaha… Tis allowed when it comes to footie. Are you a betting man, sir? I feel lucky today. We should make one. :slight_smile:

I don’t. betting is a fools’ investment.

Chelsea can win this one, they have to run more and play hard.

If bakayoko plays we are done in