:D:D wapi ivory coast atuambie what to do with pic no. 2

Women have immense power over simps. 80% of men are simps so women will never run out of business if they display some form of nudity.

Enyewe,men will eat anything. Nimekubali

Mali swaffi

At hio age yake hii mali iko safi sana


so you mean hizo vitu sio oriji?


Enyewe china can work miracles but it all remains chinese

Those photos have been airbrushed to death.

Hio picha imepitia mafilter kibao.Anataka kutudanganya hana cellulite hata moja.:D:D

Napiga magoti nyuma yake and you know what I do next. Siwezi lipa more than 150

Depends on the buyer:D:D:D

Roger that