Barber Shop 3 (the next cut)..if u have'nt watched this movie don't even bother


Besides having an array of stars this movie was not what i expected it to be. Apart from kuona matako za nicki minaj nuthin else impressed me in this movie. The story line is whack , pple like nicki minaj should stick to rapping coz she cannot act (ni matako tuu ndo umsaidia), jokes ziko chini especially those two mofos standing to the left of Anthony Anderson on the movie poster (Attached) and the dark nigga in blue shirt standing to the left of Eve…very boring jokes from these newbie actors…sijui cube aliwaokota wapi?

Alafu at the end when Obama visits the barber shop for a hair cut…WTF was that? …SMH

ooh yeah IMDB gave it a 6.3/10. I rarely watch movies which are ranked lower than 7 by IMDB . I had not looked at the ratings b4 watching the movie coz some one (Yes it was Blaze) lied to me ati hio movie is moto…brare fwakin yeye. Wacha nimpigie simu tujue form ya leo!! Action begins @14.30uhr…inaitwa maombelezi ya Die mannshaft
[SIZE=2]Btw nina exact shoes kama izo ice cube amevaa nasiringi[/SIZE]

hizi movie za akata zinabore

Not all…Movie kama str8 outta compton was lit but this one ilibore 2 death. I ended up fidgeting with my phone at one point

Kama 50 shades of black

Hio ndo gani mkubwa? kama ina tu sex scenes ya manyeusi i can give it a try

total bull…not worth it


Jirani ebu recommend some series worth watchinh

I agree with you 100%. Regret picking it over Bastille Day, wasted my money at the cinema.

hi darling i miss you

Am not quiet a series guy bt try watching orange is the new black , preacher,vikings, mr robot…NB i have only watched OITNB…izo zingine have bn rated highly by IMDB so i recommend

For more click here:

hi @Supu ;):slight_smile:

Yvonne…kama wewe ni ule yvonne wa Klost…ule bwana wako muislamu kingkenny alienda wapi? alikufa ama

preacher iko sawa though ngojea season one iishe you binge watch


hehehe, well to be honest i don’t know where my long lost husband went. I hear he is a spy of some sort, lurking the ktalk streets under a new pseudoname. He hasn’t reached out to me as a way to punish me for disappearing from klist all these years.

oooh someone pinch me… hi swits… finally…

just finished watching it last night… nice one


am watching the trailor na sipendi izo mashetani naona naona

is it out online yet? as in pale KODI naweza ipata

But what were u thinking dating a die hard Islam…that guy nashuku ni terrorist