Barber in metumi- cold reception in cold weather


A much hyped visit to MURANG’A County by ODM leader Raila received a cold reception by local leaders who failed to show up to the event organized by Royal Media services Chairman Mr. S.K Macharia.

Raila who was landed in a tea plantation because the county streets were not ready to welcome him was received by a few governors and former councilors. The source says even the governors who attended were heard murmuring that they only attended the event because they need S. K Macharia’s financial support during campaigns and that Raila’s visit did not matter.

ODM MPs who accompanied Raila are said to be very mad at their counterparts from Jubilee side for failing to accompany “barber”.

A total of 3 bulls that were slaughtered at Macharia’s home for visitors are now being shared by the homestead dogs because the food did not get eaters in terms of visitors. A clear indication that Mt. Kenya is not ready for Raila yet.

Raila has left the Mountain region again a disappointed man. His thoughts that being with Uhuru would help him win Central hearts is failing miserably.

:D:D your hate for baba is evident.The occasion had alot of prominent people including wa-iria,wamalwa,oparanya,kanini-kega,waiguru,peter Kenneth ect.
what you assumed wrongly is that the occasion was made deliberately for raila but in the real sense it was an occasion to uplift musicians and many of them were present-samidoh,gatutura,size-8,wamama and hundreds of other musicians.

and btw what you are callin a tea farm is sk macharia’s home.
so go preach your hate and political stupidity somewhere else.

This just sounds like rubbish. Were you at the " tea plantation" to see the “homestead dogs” sharing the meat or were you one of the homestead…ama wacha tu. Don’t feed us your stupidity.

The pics were all over social media, wewe unangoja picha ya homestead dogs sharing meat? Nani alikuroga? Meanwhile niaje mzito @Circledot ?

Weka hizo picha hapa

Sounds like a BS story twisted to suit a certain narrative.

Baba for president.

homestead dogs ni kina @digi @Micymas @Agwambo @Mosa @SledgeHammer sharing the meat . talkers bladifakin .

but in my eyes @Circledot @ranny @mlipuayote @spear @Berlin Oxford ni mafii ya umbwa ilikufa na ukimwi last year but four


@cheekbusta ulipona au bado unamwaga mafi free free??

It was a very successful event.
Wacha mehe mehe.

ambia munene wenu kwanza a decree wakikuyu warudi kalejinga land and all that was taken from them be returned. :D:D


it was an occasion to uplift musicians?

Jakom ameimba wimbo gani? Unbwogable?