Jimmy ‘Barbeque’ Chérizier:

"Today, we tell the international community to give Haiti a chance.
Because of what is happening in Haiti now, we Haitians have to decide who is going to lead the country and what model of government we want.

We are going to figure it out. How to get Haiti out of the misery it is in now.

If the international community continues on the road you are now, it will plunge Haiti into further chaos."



Is he still trapped in the same 3 streets.

Haiti is a shithole…like they are literally trapped there in an island. I’d hate to be a citizen there

The first security team( NIS) landed there over two weeks ago as civilians to observe the mood and environment. My relative is among them hata amesafisha rungu huko mara kadhaa.
They know where the latest team will land, rest and stay.


Kweli this is a land of gangsters.

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We should at least send our traffic police there for a month. Hopefully by the time the come back they will learn to be human, the arseholes.


Hehehehe …
Land …???
Where …???
The only Airport is under the control of Mr. Barbecue
Rest and Stay …??? Where …???
A Nation with virtually no infrastucture , communications or logistics posibilities …???
How will 1000 Kenyan Cops Patrol , Defend , Arrest and Detain Combatants that are better armed and motivated than they are …???
And in their own backyards … ???

Dream On:joy: :rofl:


Hehehe, people here love fairy tales. I wonder how many places are called Port au Prince? People need to stop fooling themselves about what they will do in other people’s home. Kichoma nyama hapendi ujinga, he’ll f__k up those rungu-washing inlaws or cousins of @Billy_Drago . They’ll only know they are in the afterlife when they realize they can pass through walls and no one can see, touch or hear them.


His relative landed in Haiti but Haiti’s prime minister can’t land in his own country :roll_eyes:


Mr Barbeque does not mess around … :joy: :rofl:

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This is a small problem to D materials zetu given a good motivation of dollars and talkers not fucking their wives back home as they berbercue the BERBERCUE

Do you think bibi ya D- will keep kifunguo ya gas tight? Kamau atakuwa kwa mlango hio siku ya D- kuondoka

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We see and hear what the West wants us to see since they control the narrative in its entirety.

Right now, Paris is surrounded by farmers, blockaded in fact, but Macron is out there in front of the glare of camera, threatening fire and brimstone to Russia, but not a mention of the farmers protest?

Why is the western media falling over themselves to interview one Berbecue, is he their stooge, their plant? They spare Berbecue, the most powerful and dangerous man in Haiti but issue a a threat to the acting president to resign within 7 days?

Who is this hell bent on ensuring Haiti remains perpetually in limbo teetering on the edge of complete collapse?


@Simiyu22 believes Amerika are saviours


KDF will be the saviors just like they saved Somalia. Black people solve black peoples problems.
America is a huge part of the problem there.

And update us if Bbq ever makes it to White House Port Au Prince. He has support of 80% country after all, it shouldn’t be hard.

Haiti wanakuja America pale Florida, be prepared


Still in the ghetto.

The ghetto is where the people are, he is with the people, not the imperialist. Endelea kudaganywo na CNN

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CNN sija watch since 1998. I quote this and refer this for your future references: when Caribbean states decide on a succession plan, na huyo bbq wako ashinde kura, let him be given the keys.

Otherwise until then, he’s a cia mole to ensure safe transport of goods and services for oligarchs in Haiti. Their factories need to sell, beer , bread, milk, in Haiti. In the last 3 months, Ameuua three military leaders of G9 gang who told him not to negotiate with Haiti givernment.