Bar owners wanaumia


[A bar owner said that things have not been looking good ever since Covid-19 struck in April 2020.

“Many people suddenly realised that they could buy drinks cheaply from liquor stores and Supermarkets and drink it at home,” said Jeremy Kamau who manages a bar in Embakasi.

“Many people only come to the pubs on weekends to watch football, but then buy drinks only for the 90 minutes. That’s when our sales spike a little.”

Once the matches are over, people leave in droves, leaving behind empty seats.

According to Kamau, many businessmen who are just now getting into the liquor business are sometimes forced to close down after a short time because it’s not sustainable.

Steve Oloo, a bar manager in Nairobi said they have had to adjust and be very intentional to keep the business afloat.

“Initially we would demand patrons buy at least two bottle of whatever they were taking – but that seemed to send many away,” he says.

“Some people just come in to drink a bottle of soda as they listen to music or watch football. The moment we asked them to buy two, they stopped coming. Some bought – but that would be the last time you see their faces,” said Oloo – adding that they have had to drop the approach.

“Many people have stopped spending on drinks because of the high cost of living.”

“Business has been very low right from November last year and now we are in January. It’s worse in January because people have to pay school fees and rent,” says Oloo.]


Hata elders walisema this year they are not going to touch alcohol. Sio uchumi ni maamuzi tu to remain sober and focus.


Not surprising at all. Ni ku badaya… personally siku hizi tembo ni twice a week max. Saturday ndio siku ya kulewa na umaraya


Starehe gharama. Hard times to own a bar.

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Changing consumer trends. Any new iPhone or Samsung flagship coming into the Kenyan market is well received, going by the sales numbers. We’ve seen more Kenyans traveling far from Nairobi seeking serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the city. More Kenyans are buying vehicles, having fiber internet, the TVs are getting bigger and numerous in the house, obviously the lifestyle is changing, we’re well proceeding into the middle income country, despite the cries of economy being bad.


Leo nilienda bar nikauliza bei ya Guinness nikaambiwa 300 nikasema to hell with the fucking shit! Nilikunywa coke nikaenda nyumbani sober.


At my local pub all beers are 300 bob. Unakunywa tusker tano bill comes to 1,500 bob. Sakayo anamalisa sisi.


Nikiwaambia you should always vote with your money hamniskii. This is a perfect example of how customers voted with their money. Wale watu hulia about discrimination a la Alchemist and others should use this approach too. Consumers need to understand that a business owner needs them more than they need him/her.


So you are a 43-year old peasant who can’t afford Guinness.


Si kila mtu ununuliwa pilsner kama wewe


I admire your optimism, beginning this year I resolved to be among those reaping benefits of lifestyle change for the better.

Banae tunalazimishwa kupenda mabibi zetu by fire by force

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Chifo … raundi hii lasma utalilia kwa mtaro. August raiding season … nakuom thru upande ya Laikipia. Nikuskume hadi Nyahururu na ukooo. Zakayo akikufinya pande hii na mimi nakufinya pande ile … hadi utii. Si ulikua unaimba hapa juzi juzi … ati zakayo maliza dynasties … sijui nini. Unaingiza baridi na mambo yako bado … tulia

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Heineken cheapest place utapata ni 320 ama 350.more expensive than a litre of petrol buana

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Jambasi anafanya kasi buana.

Profiting off drunkardness should come with a requirement to donate 50%of profits to rehab centers

Come baby come. I am waiting for you with my AK-47 rifle

305 naivas for 500ml can.

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Maliza hii kagege ghaseer na ufinye makende atii

Hio bado ni expensive buana.Halafu avoid beer or drinks packed in cans if possible.There is leaching of metallic elements in form of ions and compounds into the drink.The leaching is compounded by the storage conditions when being transported from Netherlands to wherever.