Bar in Statehouse removed




Why not lockk it ?

he will replace it with brothel


:D:D:D Ruto makes me want to say “Religion is a scam” but sitasema kwa sasa. Cheki mwingine Sasa


Ng’ombe za watu hizi

Those who will come next will build again.

Piga, ua!


Mudavadi akiingia hapo ataweka fully fledged night club that serves Hennessey only

sober fellows hukua watiaji sana

Nilisema kwa gate za state house no liqour at all just mursik for our GSU.

2002 walisema lucy alibomoa yet Moi hakuwa mlevi ata Kenyatta siku za mwisho aliwacha pombe

No one would like to drink with a sober boss present. Pombe haingii sawa sawa.

I think the point is presence or absence of a bar statehouse is a non issue.

It’s a big issue. It sends a signal to the state house powerbrokers and visitors on what’s expected of them.

this guy is sobber but kitombi na mwizi

It will be replaced by chemist shelves. Which will be stocked with Viagra and ARVs.

Even salary to a single CAS already wastes more money than a State House bar