BantuSupremacy has a Dating app Hekaya

Haiya ,wacha my fellow Alpha males wanisaidie leo.

Kuna ka yerro yerro tulimatch bumble juzi na I’m abit scared kusema tu kweli.
You know how I said on bumble you only match with high interest chics ,huyu ako a bit too high interest.

When we matched She told me she just wants to be friends and I told her I’m not on a dating app to make friends.
She said she was cool with that ,so akanipea number yake then tukakubali kumeet up this weekend.

Things were going normal till I realised hawezi nipea space.Dame ananitext back within seconds ,anajeribu kunicall na I don’t even know her yet.
Nilimpea blueticks jana akaanza kupost ma depression quotes.Hata naogopa kuingia whatsapp juu akiniona online atanipigia tena.

Kuna mtu hapa juzi alisema the attractive mamas are usually the crazy ones na nimeanza kurealize.
Hu dame ananiremind ex wangu fulani from 3 years back ,also clingy as hell.

I have 4 dates this weekend and out of all 4 ,this one is the one niko sure kabisa naweza mfinya same day (Like at least 99% sure)
Problem is ,naogopa nikimfinya ,drama itafollow.Usually madame clingy kunakuanga na drama - sana sana lightskin ghels.

So should I ignore the red flags na indelee na date yetu?
Ama ni ghost huyu dame halafu nitafute mwingine?

No matter how much you twist this story, sijui Tinder ama Bumble it takes some serious defaults in a woman for her to resort to online dating. Hii Kenya huwezi nishw ati kuna dem anaweza shindwa kuget mwanaume offline. In short, that’s a hoe. Amepata beta omega simp ass nigga akamue ajishikie mapema

I can bet with you ,if you download dating apps today ,you’ll find a lot of women you know on there.

Stop living in the past.Dating apps are normal these days and they’re here to stay.

Buda boss"Bantu living in the present", ondoa uoga, munch the Cooke in the lodging ukiogopa ataleta za ovyo, kama sawa mtaendela, kama mbaya, you know, vile villagers husema, Enda wilderness

Saa zingine throw caution to the wind…ita dame gonga vitu na ungojee the adrenaline rush. Juu kesho hio E350 unachunga slayqueen asinyemelee itaroll na utaacha dunia ikisonga. Yolo sometimes…

Wacha nichukue risk basi.
Ntawaambia vile kulienda.


nilipata dem namujua banae
kumbe ako 36 years lakini core of the matter inakaa ya 25 years

Sasa Shida iko wapi hapa???:frowning:
Si senye iko??? Alaa!

Bumble ni app gani hiyo

Only blue pilled beta males like @Jimit think that women are too innocent to join dating apps.
Kaa rada buda.

Bumble ni kaa Tinder except ukimatch na dame ,lazima aku text first.
This means una deal with high interest chics pekee.

She has 24 hours to text you first or the chat disappears forever.

Another thread reaffirming that your locus of debate is confined to sex, women, and of course, Bantu supremacy. Shock horror:D:D. Anyhow, you knew what you were intent on doing to/with the bish even before you started composing, so none of the opinions you derive from here will change that. Forge ahead boyo

Cool story

I should try this app, tinder is hell nimekula blueticks mingi (kama half of the matches bado hawajarespond), and most of the very high interest girls are ugly or average at best.

Unawapeleka out for dates ama date ni kejani.

Mpeleke date Kwanza.

As men we also need to be more picky.
Haujui kaa dame amechizi or amebeat.

If the first date goes well ,and YOU like her ,basi you can take her to your place 2nd date umfinye.

Mnapenda sana kukatiana na wanaume Naija kwa hizi dating apps. Isorait, Monday tutapata hekaya hapa about how “my friend” was robbed in a cheap lodging

Ukikula make sure umeingia mkia

Mbona usikule ikuss then block her everywhere. Kulia yeye kwa Airbnb. After umemkula. Chat her kiasi on how the match was good. Ata reply saying she really enjoyed it. Save that message incase awai sema story ya uncontested sex.

All i do is pay tagged premium for 3k ya 6months. That gives me access to 18yrs to 22yrs. I have chatted afew and they are easily excited esp wakijua una drive. Most of them wako college so a small pocket money and a trip to the mall kula pizza na kuku unapewa access to the server.