Bantus tumejipanga

@Aka mpole SADC is nothing but a union of Bantus .Sasa bado Kenya na Uganda wajoin we complete the union and form a strong federation…
Nilotes , cushites and others will be protected minorities within the union .
In the meantime ,we need a Bantu passport to facilitate visa-free travel for Bantus across the countries.


A very noble initiative. I have been a proponent of detaching from the “African” identity. Juu huku nje West Africans wanatuchafulia jina. In the next 10 years, I hope this should be the reality. Btw Bantu land has the most resources and has the largest share of arable land, forests, water (very important) and good climate

Africa is a bantu dominion. Other blacks are minority but are welcome because this is their original home… … As long as they pay fealties.
I am not a fascist.

A mere grouping of tribes

Bantus are the real owners of Africa.

True , we saved Africa.If it were not for the rapid migration of Bantus from a small area in West Africa.Africa would now have been called South Europe.
The Cushites and Nilotes were too dumb to see that the continent needed to secured.We did it and now its time for us to develop it.

Africa for Africans at home and abroad preached Marcus Garvey

Bantu Nilote etc are mzungu fiction