Bantus are Shemitic Jews, Nilo-Hamites are not

It is safe to say that the unlike the Nilotes; also known as the Nilo-Hamites or Nilo-Saharan who are clearly descendants of Ham, the Niger-Congo family is the progenitor of the descendants of Shem.

All the indigenous population of the entire world were originally black, it is safe to say that both Ham, Shem and Japheth were black.

Ham had four sons, Cush, Phut, Mizraim and Canaan. The original Cushites are the dark skinned population predominantly found in East Africa today, the Nilotic family is divided into two branches, the darker and tall modern day Sudanic tribes are the descendants of Cush, predominantly the Luos, the Dinka, the Nuer, the Mandika and others, the descendants of the great Nimrod, these are the same people whom Isaiah 18 warned, “a people tall and smooth-skinned, a people feared far and wide, an aggressive nation of strange speech, whose land is divided by rivers, dwelling along the rivers of Cush”, and the second branch is the East African Nilotes, predominantly the Tutsis (remnants of ancient Philistines), Maasai, Oromo, Turkana and many other relatives, also originally dark skinned Nilotic tribes, these are original Egyptians descendants of Mizraim predominantly found today in Eastern Africa with a small minority in West Africa (Caucasian scholars classified them all as Cush in order to own the identity of Mizraim but their oral history dictate otherwise), the original Phutites are still the dark skinned people in Northern Africa (in exception of Berbers and Tuareg), these includes some original dark skinned tribes of Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, and Ethiopia, there’s also a large portion of land in Somalia called Puntland (Punt or Put).

Shem had many children, among the men is Elam, Ashur, Arphaxad, Lud and Aram, they were the original black shemetic population and each had descendants of their own, Hebrews comes from Eber, grandson of Arphaxad a Shemite, Peleg and Joktan are the known sons of Eber and the original Hebrews, Abram comes from the lineage of Peleg and between them are 7 generations each with multiple relatives of Shemetic Hebrews Genesis 10, 11, the descendants of Abraham are all Shemetic Hebrews as well, including the descendants of Ismael, Jacob and his two sons Isaac and Esau. Jacob also known as Israel inherited the land of Canaan, which is most of Sub Saharan Africa, and is today known as the Bantu lineage beyond the rivers of Cush and scattered throughout the world.

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Emotions aside, “We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness”, John 3:11. According to science, the Neanderthal bloodline is in every humans in the world EXCEPT SUB SAHARAN AFRICANS, and it is said to have originated from the north (Europe), according to Jubilees 8:29-30 Japheth inherited the north and all the big islands, Isaiah 14:13 says Satan and his fallen occupied the same north land as well, that would explain why Jubilees 10:1-2 says that the seed of the fallen interbred with the daughters of men again after the flood, most likely Japheth seed as he dwelled in the Northern part of the earth, the same place Satan and his demons were sent too (Isaiah 14:13 kjv), this is backed up with the current study showing the presence of the Neanderthal DNA in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Northern Africa and why the modern people living in those areas look nothing like us and nothing like the indigenous people as depicted in the picture below, that’s because they are all breeds of the fallen seed, this is why they deducted almost 14 books from the Bible, every books exposing them was removed, Enoch says their descendants have a body of a man and the spirit of their fathers, which is why they needed to go all around the world to destroy the indigenous people, breed with them to gain melanin (power) and assume their identities.

The Bible says the Most High created man in his own image and his own likeness, and we’ve proven that the indigenous population of the entire world are black, contrary to what people previously believed, the Bible also clarifies that whiteness of skin is a form of a curse as per (Leviticus 13:5-6, Numbers 12 and 2 Kings 5) except for albinism, and since Satan and his fallen angels were cast out from heaven, this explains why the book of Enoch identifies their descendants as white, not albinos, because whiteness or pale skin is a form of a curse, this is why Satan turned white. But God is black (Daniel 7:9, Rev. 4:3) because the original people whom He maid in his own image are black, there’s no doubt about that, this also means that all angels of the Most High are just as black.

Our Bantu languages can attest to this, in Swahili the word for white is not Muzungu, it is Mweupe, our ancestors referred to white people as white people because they saw them as demons or evil, that’s why they called them Muzungu instead of Mweupe because Muzungu is the opposite of Mungu, Muzungu is the devil because Mungu is God himself, Muzungu being the negative energy and Mungu being the positive energy, this is why African witch doctors use white paint before evoking evil spirits, even in Lingala the word for white is pembe but white people are called Mundele which again means evil spirits or demons, my own grandfather used to refer to them as “people without skin”, clearly our ancestors had so much knowledge about these people, they left this information coded in our Bantu languages because they knew scriptures were already tampered with.

The white man didn’t appear until around 700 BCE, before then they lived in caves as savages hiding from sunlight, their skin could not adapt to nature until they had significantly intermingled with the daughters of men, but before then, thousands of years prior, the whole land of Europe and Asia were occupied by black people, you can still to their day find a remnant of them, the original descendants of Esau and Japheth were black and are still predominantly black to this very day, you can read more about them in the links attached below, the Bible says that Esau’s seed is spoiled because he married forbidden heathen (non-Kabiru) indigenous (melanated) women Genesis 36:2 but he became completely spoiled when some of his descendants joined the council of the fallen seed (Herod), most of the original descendants of Ham and Shem are all in Africa today, even the remnants of original Esau are here, as hairy and Rudy as they are, you can still find them in West Africa, they look like us, black people like the original population. The remnants of the original descendants of Japheth are still in the coldest land of North; including Eurasia and the 5 great islands as mentioned in Jubilees, all Hebrews are black in Sub Saharan Africa, and all Israelites are Bantu in Sub Saharan Africa and scattered abroad, this destroys the so called 12 tribes charts rooted in deception, calling strangers brothers and brothers strangers, and allowing the elect to continue breeding themselves out with the seed of the fallen and with other heathen nations as forbidden in Genesis 28:1-2, Tobit 4:12 and Leviticus 19:19. Bantu beyond the rivers of Cush and scattered throughout the world you know who you are, awake and rise, it’s time. Salama my Bantu.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

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The Neanderthal bloodline is not found sub Saharan Africans!!

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