Bantu Steve Biko

41 years ago, this African hero was assassinated, he is the dude I use as my profile picture. Respect to a man who gave his life for ideals that he presumed are greater than him.

The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. ~Steve Biko

Steve Biko died in '77
His soul went straight to heaven

Those brare boers killed him brutally.

Malema should give them headache.

Thomas Sankara followed shortly

He will always remain one of Africa’s greatest spear.

Nimeishi kufikiria hiyo ni mbisha yako… chenye umebakisha tu ni zile jungle camouflage hats za KWS

:D:D:D Wacha mchezo Bana. It’s KFS not KWS.

Yeah, but hapa Ktalk tunakujua kama mjamaa wa kushikilia rhinos when deworming them:D:D

South Africans tu ndio wanajua what they went through in the hands of the whites. Sometimes i feel like whites did that country a favor by staying longer hence development but on the other hand when you look at what those guys went through, and are still going through, unasema wacha ikae. It is not worth it!

There is a guy I schooled with who we nicknamed Steve Biko in class 7 when we got to the topic of the history of Steve Biko. He resembled Steve Biko from the photos in GHC book. Alikuwa jamaa wa siasa miiiiingi. Could it be you by any chance?

Nah, that ain’t me.

Or when collecting sperms for conservation’s purposes…

Patrice Lumumba was waiting at heaven’s gate for them, they gave their all.

Steve Biko Otieno? Alikuwa mtoi wa D O Misiani.

Fighting for equal opportunity in a newly established democracy is very difficult. Especially when you have a capitalist system in place. When Russia changed to capitalism, a lot of people suddenly found themselves living in the streets. We would have found ourselves in the same situation had the whites not left.

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