Bantu Federation Underway.

Alright, sasawa. We start small small and then continue to expand. At one point in the future, we should change the name of EAC to Bantu Federation. Sasa Kenyans would be going with their IDs to DRC to dig up diamonds and gold and have access to an estimated 70M people market. Let’s go @BantuSupremacy. [SIZE=1]South Sudan should be kicked out though [/SIZE]

Like I always say. This is Inevitable.
The Foundation is being laid today,
our expansion will be the greatest in Human history.
Once we industrialize & control our own resources ,it’s over.

What are they waiting for?
DRC sshould have been in EAC even before 2019. We are missing a huge opportunity.

They’ve been setting up for some time.It was mainly the issue of does DRC count as East African since it’s in Central Africa .In the End ,since DRC was a bantu state and the homeland of our people with vast resources ,they we’re let in. That’s why Kenyan companies have been investing Heavily in the Congo this year. We’re gearing up for the future Bantu federation.

This happened last week:

Whats with this bantu nonsense

If you don’t like it ,you can leave.

Bantus we are taking over Africa

And then the humanity

Bantu Federation but Bantus will be the slaves working for the Cushites, Nilotes, Indians, Arabs, Caucasians and even Chinese. Even in Congo itself, it is the Nilotic Tutsi minority pulling the strings behind the scene.

Leave! Where to? Where does bantustan start and end?

You can say this all you want but our rise is inevitable.
Nobody stays at the top forever and vice versa.

Ilesiku mabantu tutaomoka ndio mtajuta.

This kind of African unity is not in the interest of the colonial masters (france/UK/US) who CAN and WILL stop it. people like Konyagi can be used to stop it.

Divide and rule, you can see some of the victims already reducing it into a bantu union

The bantu federation is the biggest language group in the tropics. All origination from a small and very fertile proto tribe that mastered dirt to produce iron and massaging the earth to make it bring forth its luscious seed to feed its people.

You’re proving that Africa’s problem will not end anytime soon. In fact, the stupidity exhibited in thise thread is shocking.

So you have decided to replace tribalism with ‘languagism’ or whatever. If such a scenario between the Bantus and the rest of Africans happen, I can bet that the Bantus will be trashed as expected. The minority Cushites and relatively smaller population of Nilotes always win. I gave you an example of the Tutsis in the Great Lake region.

Bantus reign supreme have got access to resources look at kisii’s luhya’s kikuyu, kamba meru. They form a larger part of the country but we all kenyans 50 years from now some dialects will die a slow death tribalism will be gone, at that time we will be talking about kenyans

This is beautiful.Karibu nilie bana.God bless our people.

Hail your Bantu overlords …We will soon usher in 1000 years of Bantu rule

The Hutu are only one bantu community out of 400. Go tell that to Julius Malema .You can’t try that enslavement bs on the Shona or the Zulu.

Here in Kenya ,Nilotes are always crying about Kikuyu(Bantu) dominance of the Nation and Cushites crying about discrimination by our Bantu government not even getting basic ID’s and being rounded up whenever there’s an Al Shabab attack

You can use Rwanda as a case study all you want but Kenyan & South African Bantu’s are a different kind.

We Bantu’s own most of the African continent and soon it’ll be all of it.
Coast to Coast.Wacha tumalizane na the Horn then we set our eyes on North Africa.
No Neanderthals allowed. Our Expansion is unstoppable.

The Egyptians Reigned for 3000 years ,I think we can do 10,000 Years of Bantu Rule.