Bannon's Crazy Parrot!!

To understand the magnitude of the insanity in the US White Houise today, look no further than 31-yeaqr old Stephen Miller. He rattles his views off like a nazi:

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And why are foreign leaders trooping to Trump?
Teresa May,
Shinzo Abe,
Justin Trudeau,
Are they securing their country’s interests or do they feel threatened by Trump?

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@Mathaais, it is normal for leaders to acquaint themselves with one another after a regime change. For some, diplomatic relations can be reversed in a day, and for others, non-existent ties could be suddenly realized.

In the case of Trump, all leaders are looking at the furture with trepidation because he is more concerned about ‘fulfilling domestic campaign promises’, and Tweeting anything that comes to mind, than preserving relationships. He has already offended Mexico and Australia, while Teresa May’s visit was overshadowed by the travel bans and utterances that caused her great discomfort.

[SIZE=4]This kid Stephen Miller makes Bannon and David Duke look like saints. He is on a whole other level of psycho, like those white guys who shoot innocent kids in school. “His dead” eyes reveal someone who’s probably on high doses of Prozac or antipsychotics, just look at this reanimated zombie. Sick! To imagine that his salary is paid by the US taxpayer as Trump’s White House adviser. Scary. So many of his high school classmates have come out to say that he carried racist views from his youth. He was a fascist then, even now.

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Was An Angry Racist In High School, Classmates Say
“At Santa Monica High School, while running for class pres Stephen Miller was boo’d off a stage by over 4000 students. I was one of them!” Decker posted Sunday, later adding that he was booed “due to the volatile content of the speech.” “I will say and I will do things, that no one else in their right mind would do,” he said during his speech.

The outlet found he repeatedly criticized the poor English skills of Hispanic students, and one classmate called him an “unabashed racist.” At Duke University, Miller wrote a biweekly column for the student newspaper that regularly aroused the ire of classmates.

Trump has been hijacked by White supremacists: "After attending Trump’s inauguration, Jared Taylor, another high-profile white nationalist, posted a piece to his website in which he wrote that Trump is “not a racially conscious white man” but that there “are men close to him — Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller — who may have a clearer understanding of race, and their influence could grow.”[/SIZE]

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