Banning of talkers

Attention:@admin, @Mundu Mulosi @old monk @Electronics4u @Deorro
My attention has been drawn from the recent equinox that befell beloved @Art (RIP) by one @Deorro after an exchange. As you are aware, @Art is not the first to experience the wrath of @Deorro after similar incidences. Folks, are you aware of anyone who have never been insulted in this site? How many insults befell @Mundu Mulosi every day yet he doesn’t ban @Nattydread ? @old monk is abused everyday and assumes. I won’t quote the immortal declaration that all are equal but lets demand explanation from the high office.
[INDENT]What is the apex and the threshold of the insults that can lead to banning of a talker?
Why is it that it’s only @Deorro that bans talkers after exchange?
Is @Deorro admin’s 3rd handle because he has unrestricted permission to ban talkers because of mere insults?[/INDENT]
@admin we are responsible for bringing traffic in your site. No single member should be ignored. Join me all in demanding answers from @admin. Na ju najua @admin pia ni…
Today it’s art, tomorrow will be @gashwin. Asande.

Niko nyuma yako.


Using’ang’ane na admin, huyo ni ng’ombe ya Pokot. Deal na mods lakini


Leo tunataka majibu ama hii kijiji tuwachie huyo @Deorro .

Watu wakule equator kwanza tangulia @trix .

Kupiga piga nduru ni umama

Bring it on…why waste time?

I stood with him during mama saitan equinox, but sai atuko pamoja. Noo

Yeah… No. I don’t care for @Art. Argumentative on petty crap if I recall correctly. :rolleyes:

#Ferkadmin all over again
Yenyewe we demand answers

Wewe na nani ,@Deorro hapana bembeleza,wakitaka wafungue site yao,[SIZE=1]lakini rudisha@Art na wakanyama.[/SIZE]

Wacha @Art aende afungue Huyu ndio mtu unatetea?


What about you bro?argumentative on massive crap?




Yeah bring him back.

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