Banned for being too "Manly" ...

Gender Wars are now extended into Sports …

Zambian Footballer , Ms Barbara Banda has been banned for playing because She is too “Manly” … :D:p




Barbara Banda has been excluded from the Women’s CAN. CAF mentioned medical reasons without giving any details.
The star of the Zambian team would present a high level of testosterone, reason for which she did not play the CAN in Morocco.
The 22-year-old striker is currently taking part in the Women’s Cosafa Cup.


She failed to meet the gender criteria required by FIFA and the Confederation of African Football (CAF).
According to Mundo Deportivo, Spain’s daily sports newspaper, blood tests found that Banda had an excessively high level of testosterone and a “manly body.”

kichwa kama ya @poyoloko yet anataka kukimbizana na blue eyes

Caster Semenya.

Na Bado unapata Kuna mtu anadai kukula

huyu ukikula utaskia aje hio senye

:D:D wamemuonea sana

Her issue is just High Hormone levels …
Fairly easy to treat with just Hormone therapy …

And she has normal human urges , just like you …:D:D

Saana …
Imagine …
Being banned from playing Basketball because you are too tall …
Or banned from swimming or Tennis because you have long arms …

[SIZE=5]The CHAMP and his deadly daughter …[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]How many of You can survive 2 Rounds in the Ring with this Girl … ???:D:D[/SIZE]


Hawes wakilisha Tiiitiiiz Tuesdays !

Given the advances in endocrinology, our resident vagabonds wanaweza lamba. Hata @uwesmake won’t mind climbing while shouting “shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka!”.

The ring i don’t know. The bed 7 rounds


They’ve got fetishes and philias for nearly everything nowadays. Perilous times we’re living in.

This Gaay shit has gone too far …

Hormone imbalances come in many forms …:D:D