Banks that support cryptocurrency in Kenya

Which bank do you use to transfer fiat from cryptocurrency market sites? Apparently kcb has rejected my transaction to withdraw. It only accept deposits.

Ata central bank governor aliikataa, alisema hakuna shida inasolve at the moment

Wakenya wakora…how can you take deposits only…hehe…its either you do or you dont lol

Few governments wataitikia crypto kama sio wao wameissue…the whole utamu ya gova ni kucontrol pesa

Jaribu private sector

MPESA works just fine.

I’ve heard Swift + Co-op works.
You can also sell P2P, although it’s a process.

Which exchange uses mpesa?

I will visit coop soon

Don’t walk up to the counter and ask about crypto.
Just withdraw from exchange and when asked, be creative.

Currently the easiest way to convert bitcoin to kshs is through Trusted dealers are ranked through their track record so it’s hard to get swindled by a reputable dealer. Volume limits also vary per dealer. At the moment you can sell 1 btc for kshs 6.6 million there. You can receive money through bank transfer, mpesa etc