which is the best Convenient and stable bank one can bank with here in kenya


Ekwete Bank Tosha!!

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Godoro savings. The rates are rubbish but convenience and stability are guaranteed.


Simple. KCB. Largest bank by assets in Kenya, leads in volume of customer deposits, backed by the government so ‘bailouts’ etc.

Kcb > equity > coop

If it is opening an account, you are better off looking at other metrics rather than the safest bank :smiley:


Diversify. KCB na Co-op ziko sawa.

Coop is the leading bank in shitting. Avoid it like plague.
Pare kwa mwangi ni venye customers have to wait for long queues before they are served, but I bet it remains the best.

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Tuko Posta na hatusumbui

Coop ni mbovu ati wanalipisha 35 bob just for checking balance kwa app yao alafu customer care yao ni meffi

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:smiley: and accessibility iko high

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huyo mschana ako kwa profile yako ni mgani priss!?

atleast KCB app ni sare checking balance kwa app


ameuliza bank for kenyans si ya wahindi… chieth

what should I consider want to open an account ,among the 3 which one do u vouch for .?

Eti 35 Bob kucheck balance reke nemwo …

Godoro ndio gani ?


hehe okey

Hehehe…I see what you did there

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In my opinion, most Banks are just rip offs , they will scrounge for every last penny from us. Just do pinki, pinki ponki and go with whatever comes out…