Banking legal advise needed

I have a standing order with a certain bank and it is on a specific date.

Juzi naingia kwa account napata they did a transaction on 2nd Jan without my authorisation, nikatulia tu.

Then, on the date I have authorised the DR, they perform the same transaction as if they had not already done it.

Is there a way I can make this bank feel a pinch hata kama ni kidogo? If I was without money in my account, the penalty would have been the amount I have authorised for DR meaning I’d have to pay the bank the same amount that was not in the account.

Any legal recourse?

system glitches happen all the time especially when dealing with batch processes

just tell them to reverse the second transaction

It happened to me once. What you do is just ask for a refund. These things happen.

Ask for a refund and do it in writing, then keep a copy of the letter

Should it happen again then you can seek legal action

uliwa soma terms and conditions ? bank is always covered .

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Listen to the KWFT Manager hapa juu.