yaani opportunity is breaking down your door and you are here asking people questions. Na zile vitu watu hufanya juu ya pesa (uliza fp). My fren you have already taken money thats not yours. Milk that cow dry. Kesi baadaye. Just dont spend that money on fobe and akina fp.

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Hello there welcome to Kenya where corruption n fraud is a crime only and only if you are caught

He will eventually be found out as there will be a paper trail. They can only threaten him to get him to pay but cannot take such a case to court. Worst case scenario crb. However old wake kama kuna pesa take hupitia hio account.

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You might have exposed a loophole the bank is using to fleece unsuspecting customers trading shares by bypassing the live NSE. All online stock accounts have an account at CDSC which updates after trade settlement and linked to the central risk depository system. No way you can withdraw shares that you don’t have. The shares traded are always reconciled daily.
Either that or this thread should be over under the hekaya section.


go to mathare and find a doctor who will satify you insane and then continue to milk the cow.

this is bound to raise sone sort of red flag juu ya the value of the stock.

Then again who am i to reason this way na bank wanapeana mbesha bure.

Kamua wakutambue

Never Never, they cant do that. They can only reimburse themselves if they find money in your account, and like sm1 said above there, the other recourse is to list you on CRB

I don’t think you can be arrested. But they shall recover it in the long run whereby you can come up with an agreement on the repayment plan. If you invest well under a different entity with no paper trail you won’t have a problem paying it back and keeping your profit

hekaya za abunuwas

There is no point soiling your name unless you have nothing to loose. Consider that they have particulars identity.