Bank Statement Diligence

How do you confirm if a bank statement is genuine or has been fiddled with given that you can’t go to the bank with it for confirmation. Do you deposit 50 and ask for another statement immediately to confirm?

better use mobile banking to check


Who’s Bank account details/transactions are you trying to verify? You’re vague in how you asked your query

Check the last withdrawal and verify, assuming you recall the last withdrawal or of it was an ATM withdrawal you have the receipt or recall the balance

If presented with a bank statement that’s not yours, how do you verify its authenticity?

It’s not my bank statement, rather one I would like to verify

Wachana na account ya khupipi. Umekaa hiviii fwaaaaaa ukaona uchungulie account ya khupipi

enda bank… ongea na customer care…onoy way to be sure

Tell the owner of the statement to notarise it …

They can’t give info on customer accounts

Stamp ya lawyer bana ni 200