Bank repossessed cars

What’s your take on bank repossessed cars?
I’ve gone through several lists,I think they’re insanely expensive.Ama ni Mimi Sina Sina INFO

Ni wewe huna pesa

Pia hiyo ni fact.That’s why nilikuwa natafuta huko

Ongea na @uwesmakei atasaidia wewe

Bank repos are damn expensive in Kenya. Heri uende bazaar roho safi tuu.

And then begs to ask a question , will they change the number plate ama the original owner will think of re-repossessing from you in a crude way? Think of consequences . Enda to bazaar ans get yours

Achana na gari za repo kama hutaki nuksi

Hizo gari naskia mtu akiona maisha imekuwa ngumu na auctioneer analeta shida huwa wanaswap expensive parts like gearbox


That can give you sleepless nights

Auctions have nowadays become a joke because of this “reserve price” thing. Some reserve prices are just too high it doesn’t make sense.