Bank of Africa to auction Sh100m home of deceased Mombasa businessman Tahir Sheikh Said


Deceased Mombasa businessman Tahir Sheikh Said’s widow is in distress after her attempts to stop the auction of her matrimonial home, which is valued at more than Sh100 million, were unsuccessful.

The tycoon, popularly known as TSS, died at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa while undergoing treatment in 2017.

The Environment and Land Court sitting in Mombasa has suspended a temporary injunction that had stopped the Bank of Africa from selling the property that belongs to Ms Isha Taher Sheikh Said.

Justice Stephen Kibunja said the widow failed to prove the existence of any exceptional circumstances that would permit the parties to re-litigate the disputes that might have been raised in the earlier lawsuits filed before the High Court.

“As a widow … and beneficiary to his estate, she is a part of the companies litigating in HCCC No 57 of 2016, in one way or another. Therefore, she is not allowed to litigate on a piece of the [estate],” the judge ruled.

The court also noted that the widow has been in occupation of the property since 1998, and must have been aware and involved in the filing and prosecution of the other lawsuits and appeals on the same matter.

The court came to the conclusion that the issues raised by Mrs Said in this case were similar to those already decided by a court with competent jurisdiction up to the appellate level.

The woman started the fight to save the property last June when she filed an application in court claiming that, if the bank is allowed to sell the property, she and her children will become homeless.

She argued that the suit property was never charged with her spousal consent. She then requested a permanent injunction prohibiting the bank from auctioning or dealing with Mombasa /Block XXV1/381 in any manner.

@Meria Mata, huyu TSS enzi zake tuliambiwa ako na pesa mingi zaidi, wasit true ?

Succession issues.
Lawyers laughing all the way to Gulf bank

Si wauze TSS tower. Is it still the tallest building in mombasa? What happened to his bazillions?

ilienda kitambo, this issues are what made Mombasa Cement become philanthropic, TSS was his best friend na vile aliona kunaenda akajua agawe mali yake akiwa hai, Mombasa City has a facelift coz of him, daily he feeds thousands at Kibarani and railways among many other things including free water bowsers all over 001.

His children Mismanaged his assets as each struggled to steal as much as possible for himself. Mzee had also taken major loans but it is as if they were never used for intended purpose.

6000 acres marereni imenyakuliwa na KCB


Jamaa had loans of over 8 Billion. How much is an acre In Marereni

I always confuse this dude na ule jamaa wa gas na mahindi

Currently not the tallest. There are taller buildings constructed in the last 10 years.

huyo ni Alshabab Aboud Rogo huko nyuma ? i heard TSS used to finance terror

Mohammed Jaffer