Bank loan

What happens when you take a loan and you happen to die before clearing it? Who bears the burden? Asandeni


Secured vs unsecured, insured vs non-insured

depends on the type of insurance you signed up for when taking the loan.

I signed up for the type which says the loan is irrelevant if I’m involved in an accident where I can no longer work or if I die for whatever reason.


insurance,stupid idiot

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Insurance! you dummy

with your cholestrol level,i see you dying sooner than later

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Asandeni kwa mawaidha

someone’s using bigger words everyday

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Come on Guys, be gentle with him. If he knew the answer im sure he wouldn`t have asked.
I have been bankrupt before and by the time you get to be asking such questions you might be in a Very Dark Hole spiritually so please respect the sentiments that might be attached with people asking questions like these.

Now please apologise to the Honourable “Villager” all you that mocked him!..


Oops sorre.
([SIZE=1]i forgot its lent)[/SIZE]


I can get you a fake death certificate kama loan imekua ngumu kulipa. But always make sure wifey is happy coz ukimkosea atakuuza vibaya…

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@inajoma … Believe me Bro! there is Dawn after the Dark and All you have to do is Persevere and Pray in the Dark because there is a Bright day waiting after Dawn!
God Bless you bro…


…but you in this world, is an accident

This is a good one. Hehe. Hii kijiji itanimaliza siku moja.

easy mblo, dnt be too drastic in your actions.

. I hope you are not planning to ‘die’ anytime soon to evade the loan!

Sasa ni nini inakuchekesha hapa?
As my Teacher in Primary school would say…“mtu mjinga ata akiona inzi akipita anasheka tu!..”

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dakitari,shida ilikulemea mpaka bundles zikakosa