Bank hackers wanted !

Dci hataki mchezo…question though is our legal framework capable of convicting cyber crimes?

hapa hakuna hackers, that word is thrown “anyhowly” huku it takes great minds to bypass banking systems. alafu mbona such a unit inatumia domain ya outlook plus hapo hakuna number ya DCI then in my thinking they cant tell people to sms i stand to be corrected on this

Might be true but cases in the recent past point to collusion between IT staff na outsiders hence not hacking per session! Also I read that some devolop programmes for Sacco’s and micro finance and leave backdoors that they use to get into the systems later .

How can you tell? By looking at their faces?

DCI ameshindwa kuendea big fish akaona ajaribu cashiers na bankers

Hawa ni kuweka tu sura and create a narrative… . I smell an upcoming huge coverup into some dubious hacking that will cause loss of billions…
Remember 28 yr Old Alex Mutuku ‘hacked’ kra and 4B were lost just like that

Hackers?These are bank tellers.

Watu wa ID za 740 … 420… Wanaeza hack system gani surely. Labda uyo Lillian wanjiku.

Ama they think hackers ni wa kukata na shoka :D:D

Hata Inside jobs ni hacking??? that can be loosely termed as “social engineering”

Hii ni kweli, zile event zimekuwa zikiendelea ni dalili ya cover up.

Margaret Muthon Wa ID no 34 anajua kuchack nini? These are Mules used by hackers

Probably wengine ni kukua involved na the real hackers…eg. ID yao kutumiwa kufungua account which in turn is used as a conduit to withdraw cash over the counter/electronically, maybe with or without their knowledge…it happens…sacco software is most of it locally coded, and with Kenyans loopholes haziwezi kosa

Wewe na ID yako ya 20… Umehack nini of late tukutambue?

Niko na kitambulisho sina haja ya kujitambulisha

We need to change our judicial system to include jury, some experts in programming would help here. Hii mambo ya kudepend on lawyers only to make a decision on a case they can not understand need to change

A guy called “mzungu Nyoka”:D:D

sasa hawa ni hackers kiaje :smiley:

True…hapa hakuna hackers. Itabidi ukitupa ID sasa ujichunge sana otherwise unaweza jipata hapo. Na wale watu wa kujajaza ma-form online ndio cjui ushinde iPad,plz refrain! Huko ndio details huibiwa. Ati hadi number na PIN unaitishwa na unapeana!

Just to add on, it’s the companies that provide the saccos with management systems that facilitate this fraud. Wanawacha backdoors kwa software, which are later used to siphon the cash! Those are the people whose names should be here, in block letters! Si hawa hoipoloi!

These are fraudsters, not hackers.

A Hekaya

So, there is this madam I used to know. Her boyfriend used to work for a T1 bank akamwambia afunugue account huko. Dame akafungua. Then jamaa akamwambia ampatie ATM card. Akampatia. Si ni love?

So, one day, dame akataka kuwithdraw pesa, maybe za salon. Guy gives her the ATM card. Kwenda, akapata her thousands hasve become millions. Unajua vile mtu anasemanga atoe 30k to test if its real, she didn’t do that. She reported it to the bank. Infact, aliambia bank itoe pesa zao kwa account yake.

Bank kuchunguza, ikaona anapatanga deposit za 10bob, 20bob, soo from very many internal accounts. Kumbe her boyfie was nyoaing accounts pesa kidogo kidogo then rerouting to her account.

Her honesty saved her.

Hii labda ndio inaitwa hacking.