Bank fraud

  1. So, under what circumstances can money be stolen from your account in a bank and the bank refuses to repay you ?

  2. In all this scums were people simply find money has been stolen from their ac, do the automatically get repaid by the bank ?

All this with full knowledge that many people would willingly arrange their accounts to be raided in order to claim compensation.


Pole sana
Have you contacted the bank?what was their response?

Umepiga report DCI?

Ask your brother.

90% of the cases kunakuanga na insider. Either yeye ndio anapatia fraudsters details za clients or anafacilitate the crime directly.

Alafu Kenyan banks ni another corporate fraudsters. Watakuzungusha mwishowe uchoke.

Avoid Equity if you can. Wakora ni wengi huko. Plus don’t keep too much money in Kenyan banks anyway.

Equity is very risky. What other banks can you recommend?

Alternative to keep large sums of cash?

So many ways to skin a cat. All I can say keep your bank accounts active. Passive accounts are easy hits. For card payments, ensure hio account haina pesa mingi. OTP a must. Linking your Mpesa na your bank? Bad advice. Tech bros hapa nje can easily retrieve your Mpesa pin (quite simple btw, I know) and sherehe inaanza.

For me, equity is the only exception. The rest kina KCB, NCBA, Cooperative, ABSA, etc sina issue nao.

There are many reasons why keeping too much money in bank is a bad idea. Buy assets or something.

Mmmh. Keep of farmilee na eco

Kuna effidence ya Equity ama ni hekaya za internet?

Hivi ndio iko:D:D


Bank naogopa ni NCBA where if an M-PESA fails to go through you don’t get an a notification and you will have to contact them to qct upon it.

Kwa hivyo kama wewe ni mtu wa transactions mingi utapoteza tens of thousands bila kujua.

Do you mean local local ama kila bank iko Kenya…Stanchart kabla uibiwe labda ni wewe utakuwa umepeana details zako zote

I was once a victim…15k ili vamooze from my account.Withdrawal receipt helped me coz my last withdrawal balance didn’t reflect what was in the account.
Luckily the system logs could money wad withdrawn,not via atm or equitel.ofcours3 the account that had accessed my account was an internal one but they couldn’t reveal it to me.
Kept checking with them,investigations took close to 1.5yrs.
Nikienda kufunga account walikuwa bado wanainvestigate

One day my former employer several years ago received a credit of Kes2 billion from I&M Nyali Branch in Mombasa by mistake.

Before he could secure the Pandora Account instructions and one way Air ticket exit to Caymans Island the amount had already been reversed.

My point is; where there is Debit there must be a Credit equal to the amount.

Bank wa wachane na cat and mouse games.

Equity ndio I know many cases of frauds. As for Stanchart sijawahi skia mtu ameibiwa. I know nothing much about it

Nimekuwa nikiona mabishano kule twitter kuhusu CooP a thing that made me chicken out na nikatoa kitu nilikuwa nayo huko.
Hiyo account nitafunga…huu mchezo local banks wako nayo sitaki.Once beaten twice shy…kwanza vile hii jamaa ya kwenu inakaa kuwa mlafi sugu

I am interested to know what was his plan with that amount immediately aliona kwa account :D:D Juu moving or withdrawing ksh 2 billion within a short time requires some type of Deep State powers.

I have an ongoing case with them.hapana cheza na equity