Bank Atm problem

It seems atms belonging to KCB and COOP are down.

Anyone experiencing the same? Is it just ATMs ama the problem is much bigger???

#mbirrionaires cunt relate.

End month proprems

Huwa unaletewa pesa kwa nyumba??

No dude.
Pesa huwa inanikujia kwa nyumba.

ukiwa reach bank manager ataenda kwako.

When you are poor the bank owns you, when you are rich you own the bank

It’s just that time of the month. Tumia mbanking ikiwezekana

Sisi watu ya Mwangi pana tambua hiyo meffi ya atms. Tunatembea na mbillions zetu kwa simu na kufanya transactions bila shida yoyote.

I think the problem is your account balance

Anyway…umebarikiwa kuliko wengi!

Nimepiga line…na yule jamaa alikuwa mbele yangu ametoa pesa na akapatiwa reciept…lakini no hard cash was dispensed! I think ata NIC wamekuwa na issues!

Kcb mbanking as well has issues!

Yep the two banks zimesumbua sana leo

Boss in 2018 you should be in mobile banking where you transfer money to mpesa if your bank has no agencies. I can’t remember the last time I was at an ATM. I think I have even forgotten the PIN. Asante lakini, you have reminded me to inform bank not to replace it once it expires.

Bank ya Kamwana hata banking hall huwa hatuendi. the phone and websites are your banks. Bank mimi hupitia tu kugotea hao nadem na kukunywa coffee ya bure

Quite typical!

Sio ATM peke yake:

[SIZE=7]Several Government Websites Shut Down Over Unsettled Debts[/SIZE]

Za ekwite pia husumbua sana sometimes hazina hata funds.

They still do that. Last time I was told it was deliberate so that people go to agents

Lets just agree there are different arrangements for different people. Does it then mean the day mobile banking fails just like in this case the ATMs have, you will then become the peasant and i will become the billionaire??