Thanks for all the support from my great friends, from UAE …Al’Kindis, Tunis… Hussami, Egypt, Turkey my gal tuqba … No greater person than you, Faiz.Ahmed and Qatra aka Kato"Queen K",Canada, My friends from Saudi who prefer to stay incognito… Abdul chief engineer Kenya power … This morning with others we travel to bangladesh with supplies for our ruanj brothers n sisters


Tuma rambirambi kwa obituaries

VE what are you trying to say?

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Nimelewo … Lakini bado natoka asubuhi buda.

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Since a week now, I haven’t been able to go to work because my neighbour cheated on his wife and she got angry and told him she will have sex with all the neighbours and ask for divorce…
I am still there waiting for my turn


Hehe …Umelewo

Na hiyo FN Scar 17’S ya special forces munatumia ni mambo mbaya buda. US,German,Brits, Belgium, Israeli, Kenya special force’s ndo wanatambua hiyo

upange line ya kura na line ya kuma…acha njokes



[ATTACH=full]127626[/ATTACH] Ni uluchora hii huko Mwiki opposite the police station.

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Hiyo sasa ni kitu ya kutisha mtu?

Tell your neighbour to tell his wife that he can be the camera crew following her and recording her as she has sex with all the 60 neighbours.