As a renowned harlot fucker, I decided to explore Bangkok and see what it offers. Wale wa coordinates, take note.

Such a time is low season and Emirates air tickets are affordable.

I landed in Bangkok and settled in the Nana BTS area, just near the metro station. I surveyed the area, and there are plenty of girls available daytime and nighttime. Perfect location to get girls.

Nighttime offers plenty of variety, all lined up in the streets and inside the dozens of Agogo bars.

For the few days I have been here, I have learned a thing or two about Bangkok:

Handling street freelancers here is safe, NEVER try it Kanairo (I had shared my tribulations in an old post).

Take your beers on the lazier side of the street as you look at the busier side of the street (you get to scan and select the prettiest girl to shaft).

Ignore the bar girls (no need to pay a “bar fine” for bar girls yet the freelancer girls are in plenty of supply right at the door).

Bei ni 1,000 Thai Baht minimum per shot (3 thousand KSH). Usilipe Zaidi. Some hike it up to 2,000 Thai Baht. Hii bei ime violate the recommended Kijiji minimum by far.
Get a room with 2 small beds. (bed 1 is for shafting, then baadaye you sleep on clean linen in peace on your second bed).

Book a girl-friendly hotel (get a hotel that only asks for ID/ PP for your girl visitor and no extra charge. They also make a photocopy, and require your call or physically escort the girl out for safety reasons).

Be cosmopolitan (I realized there are girls from Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, etc. around. Don’t stick to Thai girls alone, sample a variety. Their facial features appear similar anyway. Kuna former USSR girls, but wana chocha sana. They want 4,000 Thai Bhat for a night. Ignore them unless you have specific scores to settle with Putin. They are also cartel-ish.)


Chunga sana usipite na wale “ladyboys” @uwesmake ame swear pon’ his dead father’s grave lazma afikishe threshold kabla adedi.

Jamaa wa wanchwani wa kikuyu husema usipo tembea utafikiria ni mathako tu anajua kupika…uko Bangkok na bei yako ya 150 ata chokosh sithani utapata

unaskia wee mbwa mzee @TrumbwaCapote. ?

Safisha elder macho ?


Wako in plenty, and sauti inanguruma na baze kabisa.

There is another strip club announcing at the door that they have “real girls” only, and asked myself, kwani kuna fake girls :cool:

Bucket list…very nice

@PHARMACY si muhamie uko na madhako

Wacha nihamie uko na budako .

Singha beer taste sweet

Mimi lazma niende Malaysia 2025, hio nimeweka kwa bucket list. Kuna vile hao madem Malaysian huwa wamenimaliza kapsaa. Nikiwa uni. kuna dem flani Malaysian nilikua nime mcrush design ingine mbaya. Nilijaribu all tricks in the book lakini wapi … rustler niliuma nje banae. I have never gotten over her so io issue na Malaysians lazma ni revisit… liwe liwalo kabla nidedi. Thailand on the other hand, siwes kanyanga …

Yaani Hakuna Thermal image tafadhali ata ka moja:D

Bomoa kabati kabisa kijana …

Did you bang your cock in thighland

Mimi pia lazima nifike East Asia within the next 3 years. Lazima nisample tight poosie za Asia

How is there attitude towards your black skin?

Tusafishe mecho omwami


Sina kitu ya kubomoa

Sawa , kaa Bali na. Mimi malaya