bang only hot whores

It is a common belief that everytime you bang a woman, your souls conjoin and she’ll become a member of your heavenly harem.

Woe onto those who’ve a tendency of banging only the ugliest skanks. Your harem in heaven will be composed of very funny-looking momos.

Everytime you feel like banging a skank, ask yourself, “is she the sort of person I’d like to be part of my harem?” If the answer is a clear and emphatic “Yes,” then you may go ahead and undress the maiden. Take time to admire her labia.

But if the answer is a resounding “No”, zip your trouser and leave.

Decades ago, when I was a sensitive college-boy, I met a dim-eyed skank in sabina joy. Her ass caused a veritable tent in my trouser, although her face left a lot to be desired. Nice guy that I am, I bent her over and ravaged the crap out of her.

Turns out she was pregnant all along. In the early 90’s condoms were a rarity, so men had to content themselves with pulling-out.

Oblivious to the fact that the skank was pregnant, I deposited my semen deep in her vulva. Turns out I was disturbing little @Jimit the zygote, who was nestling in her uterus. Is it any wonder that he turned out the way he did?

Early 90’s ulikuwa unachapa malaya za SJ kuni bila CD tayari na juzi juzi ndo umemaliza colle. Enyewe you have your priorities all fucked up bro …

I’m only trying to make a point

Which religion do you practice?

wewe ni mjinga if you think thats the point. Kula block


A lot of English to say nothing

do i know you?

…hahaha :D:D:D:DYou funny bruv

Mimi nakulanga yellow yellows pekee nitapewa harem ya yellow yellows