Bandits Shoot Headmaster In The Head Killing Him Instantly In Baringo. Mwizi Wa Eldie Ameshindwa Na Kazi

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Huko kwetu ni kubaya.These days the bandits even invade Marigat town during daytime and everyone runs away including the police.


There should be no rustling in 2024. @gaza & co you need to get to the 21st century where very man works hard to raise their own livestock/acquire their own property, not being a thief who steals from his neighbours.


Wacheni @Gaza anukishe otunguu


The thief awekwe tyre like his fellow thieves wanafanywa.


In 2019/2020 Ruto used to say that the Bandits are sponsored to turnish his name. Now he is the commander in chief and he is not doing anything to help his tribesman that are getting butchered like hens.

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Why doesn’t the government use tried and tested methods to flush out those bandits?

  1. Wagalla —> Moi flushed out NFD separatists and till to date, nobody has tried to secede from NFD.

  2. SLDF - Kibaki came hard on those goons in Mt Elgon. Peace has been prevalent in that region.

  3. MRC - Kibaki once again came hard on those Swahili thugs. Mombasa is an inalienable part of the Republic of Kenya.

  4. Mungiki - Kibaki once again came down hard on them.

The bitter truth is, if a population is unstable, you must be prepared to jail (and wipe out their leaders) atleast 10% of the male population in that area. Ecuador, Rwanda, Germany, Japan and China (Xinjiang) are some of the successful case studies.


Wasomali walibadilisha strategy, leo ndo wanacontrol NIS, Military Intelligence, DCI na Department of Defense.

Statement za politicians wote wasomali pia zitakuambia vizuri loyalty yao iko Somalia


Still easy to throw out.

Meanwhile the head nimekuwa ground doing my thing undisturbed. They know who we are, they know where we at, they know we are serious enablers, and complicit to the core but they ene gonna do shit about it. How come? Coz we worth much more to them … than a few dead niggers here and there.We prevent a whole lot more attacks than you nigger would care to appreciate. Mnafaa kutuheshimu sana.
Anyways … Leo pale ground … My mf 290 xtra mowing hay with the haybine pole pole.


Ukiona bandit anamaliseer msee hivo basi Huyu head teacher anakaa kukua snitch. Cut off the informers the earlier the better

Get a map of kenya, mmefinyana watu 40 million kutoka Nairobi hadi Kisii, ardhi ile kubwa ni ya wasomali.


[quote=“Ndindu, post:11, topic:471153”]


KTCC 888J number plate ya Rwanda?

So what happened to your man who “resolves what to do and does what he resolves” if he has made sure are overun by the cushitic scum?

Ni ya Tractor. Motorcycle ni KMXX, Heavy Machinery ni KHMXX, Tuktuk Three Wheeler ni KTWXX,

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Vile @Ndindu amesema hapo juu…

Arror is overambitious and has no solid foundation.

What would you advice him akiwa 30% into his term? Will he be a one term?