Bandits posses animalistic hostility because of blood drinking culture it permeates hostility to the soul God hates it

Lv 17:14

“Why was eating or drinking blood prohibited? This prohibition can be traced all the way back to Noah (Genesis 9:4). God prohibited eating or drinking blood for several reasons: (1) To discourage pagan practices. The people of Israel were to be separate and distinct from the foreign nations around them. Eating blood was a common pagan practice. It was often done in hopes of gaining the characteristics of the slain animal (like strength or speed). God’s people were to rely on him, not on ingested blood, for their power. (2) To preserve the symbolism of the sacrifice. Blood symbolized the life of the animal that was sacrificed in the sinner’s place. To drink it would change the symbolism of the sacrificial penalty and destroy the evidence of the sacrifice. (3) To protect the people from infection, because many deadly diseases are transmitted through blood. The Jews took this prohibition seriously, and that is why Jesus’ hearers were so upset when he told them to drink his blood (John 6:53-56). However, Jesus, as God himself and the last sacrifice ever needed for sins, was asking believers to identify with him completely. He wants us to take his life into us, and he wants to participate in our lives as well.” (Life Application Study Bible footnote)