Bandits hawatambui KDF+ GSU+RECCE . Wanamalisa bila huruma

[SIZE=7]2 KDF soldiers, GSU officer injured in shootout with bandits[/SIZE]
Three security personnel are nursing serious gunshot injuries after a fierce encounter with bandits in Pura, Samburu West on Friday evening.
Reports indicated that two Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers and a General Service Unit (GSU) officer were on a regular patrol when bandits attacked their armoured vehicles in Lkeek Sabuk in Samburu West Constituency.
“The security officers were ambushed by armed bandits who opened fire,” a reliable source told Nation.Africa, adding they were airlifted to Nairobi for further medical attention.

[SIZE=7]Two bandits arrested after daring attack on KDF at Kainuk[/SIZE]
Daring bandits continue staging attacks in Turkana and Baringo counties despite the ongoing security operation to mop up illegal firearms in the restive region.
In a brazen Wednesday evening attack, dozens of bandits ambushed Kenya Defense Forces and police officers in Kainuk and engaged them in a fierce shoot-out.
However, the security officers managed to repulse the armed bandits.

Roundi hii Pokot rustler’s tulicheza serikali ya Arror design ingine kali sana … sahii tunatulia tu watching them wakijipiga ma own goals. Si nilikuwa nimewashow hatungekubali disarmament on our community pekee. We made it clear that’s a redline… we won’t agree to, and would consider it a direct attack on our people. Arror wanted to call it a bluff, but he was assured by his security advisor’s … we are not exactly the type that bluffs. He reconsidered his options… and now they are stretched thin. Giving them little chance against rustlers who are in constant communication… across all these communities. So they getting hit by Samburu’s, Turkana, Pokot… and they coming in soft … not to antagonize all communities against them … hii kitu nimeshinda tayari.

Battle hardened…Natembeya


I was to create a thread about banditry/operation/curfew. But Now that you have put it, let me post it here.
Kule kinamba, sipili wameekewa curfew which comes to effect at 7pm. The police are very strict and they’ll chase you around, arrest, and ask for bribe coz of that. They have even taken a good number to court. Meanwhile 2/3km from there is LNC - a known bandits hideout. They won’t effect the curfew there, and have never been there. But kazi ni kusumbua watu in town where bandits have never been seen.
Here is the soprano guy purporting something is happening.

But Immediately people get into their houses, pokoti herders/bandits take over. They graze in people’s farms undisturbed. No police would ever want to be roaming outside at 8 coz akipatana na hao jamaa, anajua that is an imminent death. At least when there was no curfew, you’d individually face and tell them off.
In short, police cowards can’t face bandits, and curfew is there to help bandits/herders. Kwa ground msidanganywe kuna kitu inaendelea. Nothing, Nazing. Gutire.

For those who understand greek, this is what’s on ground

So so sad.

If you guyz live there, the ONLY SOULUTION IS TO MOBILIZE YOUTH.



True. Kenya police and army are cowards. Kazi hukuwa kusumbua town-dwellers instead of actual bandits in bushes.

Wacha tugege waone hivyo ndio next time watumie akili waki vote.
How do they expect Nabii to fight bandits yet he benefits from their trade

Wa, noma. Mpaka wanaenda kuiba kwa manyumba mchana. Si wakipata jike zitakamuliwa mkia

Hey bruh … they ain’t supposed to know that you know. Mukoro ako na ngombe mob sana … sitasema numbers kwa ground uko tiaty … zinalindwa na some very heavily armed rustler. Kuna time wali engage na some unit from the security forces wakapiga simu … wakaambiwa wasi shoot directly just hold them back while old lady checks with her people uko juu. Not too long after mboys wenu … waka ghost io scene. Mukora alishow mtu wake … wakiendelea natuma back up na unajua hao vijana wenu watakua maiti wote. Serikali ilikunja mkia … banae.

Some people are actually armed. + there are some G3s from NPR. But can your rifle prevent them from taking your cattle? You know a typical village house has a door on the front. or you can even have one at the rear. What can you do if unknown number of men come to your homestead? Who/How will you shoot? From which position? Izo arms zmesaidia kupunguza uwizi. But just know it’s hard to prevent a group of armed men from stealing your cattle.

Hao people grazing kwa Kuki is it a new group that she got into agreement with ama hawa ni wale wali-invade?

Banditry will never end as long as one community is armed and others aren’t.

Hehe, naona air force wakitumwa, kdf wakuje na vifaru

Noma sana

The responsibility lies to all of u. Itisheni baraza, qnd recruit youth. Hii si kazi ya individual families, but the whole society.

Ama huko ni kila mtu kivi yake

Believe me most of hao samburus who are also on the received end are equally armed. But pokotis are more aggressive, courageous, and organized. When you see them target police, children, or even killing haphazardly, jua it’s some kind of revenge they are doing.
I have ever been caught in shootout where pokotis laid ambush in maize plantations, targeting police on the road who had taken their cattle to compensate samburus. They recovered their cattle, yet no police died coz pokotis didnt want to finish them.

What I have consistently observed is that police force is a group of deep fried fools. Any operation is supposed to be led by intelligence. What intelligence do they gather before going into those bushes?

Kifaru iwes saidia … our positions are never static … we are always on the move.