Bandits attack police along Lodwar road



Ata jeshi enyewe wamegive up. If Kenya’s intelligence works beyond investigating political opponents, they’d have known bandits = armed herders, and herders = unarmed bandits. That means there are tens of thousands of them, if not hundreds of thousands. Alaf the strategy that uhuru used in 2014, 2017 is the same they are trying to apply. Fail.

Githeri media

Nimewaeleza hapa mara ngapi there is a “thin line” between fighting banditry and getting engaged in what could easily be perceived as a tribal war. The military Generals have categorically stated to nabii government their involvement will be limited to fire power support and as a back-up to the police who are the lead. They are not willing to put boots on the ground insisting this is purely a police operation. I have said here before, numerous times; that we have a larger fighting force as a community than your entire security apparatus combined. Wengi walisema ni panganga na ati … KDF wanakuom, luwere rustler you will be no more in a couple weeks. Nikawashow acha wakuje lakini wajue vile tulishow gava yenu … if the line is crossed and it becomes a persecution of us as a people, we will fight it out as a people … and that my friends you don’t want. Months later we are still standing, stronger than we ever was. Believe me, we were and still are ready for any eventualities. You gave us enough time to prepare… your welcome to dance with the devils anytime you want.

NIS/DCI take note!

They know me very well … so be my guest …

Unatag DCI wa mukuru Kwa Kijiji. Meffi

Tunataka kukuona Kwa battlefield sio Kwa keyboard field,shenji

Ghasiaa … mimi ni Prince amongst my people. They do the bidding for me … and I (we) ensure they receive the neccessary support needed. Go figure …

As ktalk’s foremost expert and authority on intelligence, counterintelligence, counterinsurgency, war science, tactical manoeuvres, military and policing matters, I am on record stating that having studied the Kenyan forces at PhD level, their combined efforts are hopelessly incapable of capturing an old sickly tortoise. Sembuse patriots.

Sasa ule mblikimo wa saprano ata ambia wakenya nini. Na vile kalikuwa kakitembea kakidondosa kinyambis on military regalia.
Kenya Kwanza is a scam.

:D:D jamaa aende gym kwanza na paramilitary training ndio avae combat garments


Bandit rushia omwami kakitu easter imetuweza saidi kazi hakuna mdau.

Let it also go on record here that ;
“The heaviest single losses of the Kenya security apparatus since independence has always been sustained during ill-fated suppressions of the Pokots.”

  • Chief Rustler


It all falls down to facilitation, police in operations cannot be buying food from their salaries in the bushes and expect them to fight bandits.

Kenya actually looses more security men during peace time in their misguided efforts at countering peaceful demonstrators and patriots going about their business as compared to war time loses.

Hehe, hatari kwa usalama. Huyu hana hasara.

Was planning a rd trip around kenya which included kwenda Lodwar…i will have to cancel Turkana…too much risks. Juzi nimeona wamepepeta ma risasi kwa windshield ya lorry bana…that place is not safe at all.