Bandits are not going out soon....

Bandits are not going out soon,
This people are above al shabaab why they take our army head-on.
I hear there is alot of rituals behind there power…anybody from the rift who understands these rituals enlighten me…

Just a ruff raff militia. Know how to press a trigger but have no combat skills.
A limited KDF force of a few hundred crushed whole towns of alshabaab. Bandits are counting down to their manslaughter.

You simply don’t understand the complexities of the all situation. Comparing al shabaab a terrorist group which recruits its members and Pokot warriors “bandits” which is cultural and a stage in the life of an ordinary Pokot … that those before them went through and those behind them aspire to go through; just shows your complete lack of understanding of the all issue.

Akuna kitu kama hiyo. Those Pokot rob cattle because they are hungry and starving. Wakanunua bullets uko Ethiopia and think they are rifle men. Only thing I hear is that they have good understanding of terrain. But that only works if KDF rapidly inch towards them. But if you watch on YouTube, KDF moves slowly towards target cities in Somalia. Awa Wangoje kuchinjwa kama their cousins the Sabaot.

You know how long cattle rustling has been around? Suit yourself tho’ …

As long as they’ve been hungry. Nitafute after 3 months, tuone nani ana makende.

Tell us something about these rituals that makes this people stand out matters war

Mimi mwenyewe naweza maliza rustlers wote…uno v many…sembuse KDF…ni vile ni guerilla…hujui ni nani…and u can’t or won’t and shouldn’t involve innocents…where they hide…

u have to infiltrate using intelligence and informers…a risky and lengthy affair…which is easier after taking out a few heads of the ring leaders…

Rustlers wanaweza mariswa by intelligence only sio kifua…politics complicates pia…sio game one touch

Si ulisema in 6 month Putin we be removed from power. Oooh inflation will cripple Russia. But we are still waiting. Hebu tukumbushe ulisema sanctions takes how many years to be felt?
@Gaza usitishwe na huyu CNN bot.

3-5 years. It’s going to be a long war. Si 3 week war like Putin alifkiri. And at the end, there will be no winners.

It is bound to fail. Right now countries have started embracing multipolarism.