Banda Homes: The Devil Is In The Details

Most buyers have no idea what they signed when buying the houses. Apparently, the agreements had no delivery/completion date :D:D:D

Middle class huwa na shida

Unatoa 4.5m kwa offplan unafaa kushaftiwa bila lube.

Hehe, hehe

Huwa ni 1.5M hiyo ingine ni malipo pole pole

Wengine wao ni wamama, if you want to con people in real estate industry prey on women in their mid 30’s going upwards

Generally, if you show women “hope” u can milk them dry

true,women are very vulnerable,Ata file kanisa ya Ng’ang’a wamama ndio wengi

The law is the one failing us here. Elements like banda should be chased out of town.

This sector of the economy needs to be regulated so that people like Banda can never use such absurd documents to entrap people

Women can never be helped. Especially Kenyan ones. Too gullible.

That fucker kamau was lying with a straight face, I had to change the channel.

Ponzi scheme

Why do you dwell on one topic hivyo brownkin. Kujia pilsner na chips jioni

What is absurd, is how talkers here think it’s okay for vulnerable people in the society to be conned, in some jurisdictions, the like of Banda homes would first be auctioned, then locked in .

This guy kamau is not new to scandals.he’s building some apartments in thika next to ananas mall(quite a big project btw).he sells the houses as he continues building the late last year there was this case of this woman who bought 2 units from the project,kamau told the lady to wire the money directly to his acc. And not the company’s acc.madam akafanya ivo n when she went to their offices in Westlands to get the paper work there were no records of her owning any unit in the project.when he tried communicating to kamau who is never in his office,kamau says all units sold are sold thru the company dinara investments,no money is put in individual accounts.sasa wako kortini mpaka wa leo…n kamau btw is the brother to a guy called lawyer magu,he killed his wife,3 kids n himself a while back.

Gakuyo ali slide out of circulation with billions in the pocket and angry investors baying for his blood. So what are the odds of this guy getting caught and jailed?

Answer: Odds tending towards Zero.

Kenyans just can’t be helped even with all the glaring red flags

Kuchezea Pesa za watu so poa. One day, someone will have had enough and take measures sending a message to the whole group conning others in the industry…Robbin Hood kind of actions. Only this time, it won’t be stealing…

Shit, Paul Magu who killed his children assisted with his ‘pastor’ gachungwa and then jumped off his moving car to his death?. Before his death, he had bequeathed the pastor woman all his property. Some families ni za laana tu!!

God’s justice my friend, God’s justice. I used to have this friend who worked for a real estate company that has shafted many guys also in the past. The directors were swimming in money, but recently this guy told me the same directors recently had their cars towed coz of a short term loan they had taken with a shylock out of poor judgement. Hii machozi na maombi ya hao wamama they con, they can’t get away I tell you.