Banana Republic

The idiocy at the ministry of health and other ministries involved such as transport stinks to high heavens.

Reason: Expecting people to self-quarantine after arriving. This is the most naive decision that idiots in power made subsequently exposing hundreds of Kenyans to the virus. That DG and the priest have probably infected many people simply because the idiots in power expected and trusted that they would self-quarantine for 14 days which they didn’t. You cannot trust anyone to self-quarantine if they pose a grave danger to society. Human beings by nature are inherently selfish and self-centered. The average person would only self-quarantine if they believe that their life is threatened, not the other way round (being a threat to others).

The government failed Kenyans by failing to anticipate human nature and expecting those who arrived to self-quarantine.

You are who you vote for. Kufeni

That’s why am of the opinion that the government should let the disease run its full course without causing the populace too much pain of lock downs and work from home chieth … Kimegafool style because

  1. These policies have been enforced selectively rendering them totally ineffective
  2. They are out of touch with the immediate needs like food, transport, rent… Who will shoulder these costs?
  3. Lack of sober leadership
    There is no need to destroy what remains of our country economic fabric over a war that is already lost, after all fatalities are about 5% thereof, would rather take my chances with corona than starvation or eviction

Some days ago, Cs Macharia alisema nini…