Balance of Power

Who wields the power as we speak? It’s definitely not the deep state and its coalition. The Null and Void decision took them into a spin. They came very close to achieving their objective. If they had managed to do so, kenya would have been ruled by impunity and high hardedness for a long time. “Mungu alituokoa kutoka kwa meno ya walio wabaya”. The rule of law would no longer hold. They would bulldoze anything they want. However, the Five Judges protected the sovereignty of this country from “the selected few” who wanted to make it their personal property. I still remember the so-called prof magoha hurling insults towards an education officer and thereafter bragging that no action can be taken against him simply because he has the system on his side. In normal times, he would have been forced to resign. That form of entitlement would have been normal if the evil plan had succeeded. Woe unto the evil planners as the balance of power has shifted. It has gone back to the common mwananchi. Anybody who wants to become anything in this country should go back to the grassroots and make a good relationship with the people. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

I got a hard on when I read that letter by Mutunga to the le presidente, very few guys can dare speak up and bring sense to those who think they own Kenya.

True, but their time is fading very fast


Got a copy

Hao watu ya serikali ni bure.

The dynasties will soon realise that real power rests with the people.