Ukimwona mwambie akuje na hivi.

Bahati is a mad boy.

Upus. Meffi yeye

Huyu kijana ako na ushoste mingi sana. I don’t usually say this, but in my eyes huyu in ultra beta-male kabisa.

amekalia nahio shush sana

Amekatika wire ya ground

if he quacks like a duck then he,s an ass picking duck

Kumbe mtoto wa Diana ni msichana

Bahati was an orphan. His sad behaviour is not surprising when you consider his background.

How many orphans are exhibiting this kind of weird behaviour in public? I think the boy is immature and got ambushed by the excitement of getting rich at a young age. Unfortunately, he married a woman who has failed to tame him and shape him into a mature family man with less public drama. She has actually exacerbated the situation, probably because she is a slayqueen bimbo herself. It’s unimaginable to think that this is someone’s husband and father behaving like this in public. It’s a bad show.

He must be wearing her panties underneath.



Guys over there got no chills :D:D




Watu walikemea kanye west kutoka kitambo,nigga still got paid. I dont see the qualms people have with others outside their doorsteps,what are the gains? #FAGIAKWAKO

Could it get gayer than this? Nahama Kenya sasa.

In Africa ni tofauti sana. People don’t buy music albums. Concerts ndio zako. People stop showing up at your concerts na hivo ndio unakauka. Which promoter will work with you kama hauleti crowd? Uliza kina Defao na wanagenge kadha.

I stopped at that juncture…you are goddamn right. Its comments like these that i vehemently agree with @Ndindu . Waafrika na minding their own biz nikama maji na mafuta. Can’t blame them at all. As you were sir