Bahari Imechaufuka: Handshake Is On The Rocks

Inakaa hii collabo ya Ojinga na Arap Mwizi ita materialize before 2022. If by any chance they unite then Mt. Kenya will be left out in the cold. Just seen a video of Vitu Kwa Ground and it seems they are have realized that Ojinga’s nuts were clipped by the handshake.

Wapi video? The last 3 months to the elections are what determines the outcome. Trying to build an alliance at this time is a n exercise in futility.

Mt. Kenya will never be left in the cold. tinga can only join Ruto as his deputy. Ama aambiwe aseme tu Ruto Tosha na akae nje ya serikali. Hustler nation is not about tribes and that is not going to change. Tinga is welcome to join but the guy should know his place

How will this benefit Raila?

he can negotiate for some part of the government

But you just said the deal is aseme Ruto tosha na yee akae nje ya serikali. Besides, Ruto was Raila’s sidekick hizo days za kitambo 2007. How can he accept him to be his boss now? I think anyone in such a position would rather just retire from politics entirley than accept something like that.

Idiotic coalition

yes, he may be given some position to appoint somebody bora yeye akue home

All these rulers need a firing squad for keeping our people in perpetual poverty.

Your vote will be your weapon. Use it well to place these fückers in their right place

Raila is a scavenger, he will find way to ruto in the name of okoa kenya or some other nonsense. Then he will negotiate for a post that looks almost equal in command, but ruto has him by the balls now.

amen bro

Actually a raila-Ruto collabo would help deepstate. They would get back the MTK ground. And with a flag bearer from another region it would be a slam dunk

A RaiaMkuu and uncle Machos alliance is unlikely, the two will face each other at the ballot as none of them will be ready to play second fiddle