Bagathi rd Accident

Upus ya watu ati bump0-to-bump. Why don’t people keep distance?

And someone will wake up tomorrow in a new Bugatti


the few are represented by the majority. …wacha nisimamie hapo juu ya heshima ya probox yako :slight_smile:

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I dont know what happens to people when they buy a probox. Even cool people just go crazy. Ata wazee.

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Someone is getting his Bugatti just when I’m waiting for a Sub outback. It makes me feel inadequate. LOL

Seriously, why do guys dislike probox so much! :confused:

How much did that set you back? How many cc?

Its not the car…its whoever us driving it

2500 cc, 10,000 Kms, year 2010, 10,000 Usd

Stereotypes tuu.

You getting a sub and feeling inadequate, na sisi tunatembea mguu kama nyoka? Guess we should just kill ourselefs.

Tell me that’s not the gs 16.4 lor blanc…

And that’s one crazy accident. I hope there were no serious injuries to the guys involved.


Tax plus clearance is coming to around 1.2 MKRA is the official punisher